Horoscope for February 2015 for Sagittarius

Horoscope for February 2015 Sagittarius Sagittarius, many planets set up shop in Aries this month of February. Aries is a sign you have always loved to be with. Venus and Mars are on the list of playmates and maybe it is their influences that beg you to take chances in relationships. Be sure you are totally ready before committing to something that might not be right.

Your house of love will be under the control of many planets working with Aries. You are very happy to have the sexual energy and it gives you the urge to travel. Grab your love and jump on the next plane to some exotic destination. Will bring our relationship to a new level. Of course if you can't be that spontaneous find somewhere exotic to go in our own locality.

Any money investments you take on in February will need the help of an advisor. On February 4th you need to find someone knowledgeable but capable of telling you what to do about a financial dilemma. Listen and learn. They are on your side and you do need their help Sagittarius.

On February 19th Venus and Mars will set off for Aries. The opportunity for a very passionate conversation is yours. It may not be a romantic conversations. Be careful not to bring on the anger of someone who is not used to your humor. Being funny sarcastic is okay in certain circles, but do learn your limits.

Perfect days in February for you Sagittarius include the 2nd and 3rd. Days when you are particularly charismatic and people want to be around you. They long to listen to what you have to say. The 19th is a good day to get things around the home finished and tucked away. On the 24th you can do no wrong anywhere you go. Beware not to let your head get filled with air. The 25th is a nice day and you might just want to take a walk in the "moving toward spring" sunshine. On the 26th of March be careful that you are cheerful and supportive.

Watch out for the 1st and 6th of February, Sagittarius. You will be challenged to a debate and you just can't win. Brush upon your sarcasm. On the 11th you are told to be prepared to be laid off. What! This is definitely not good news. On the 22nd you are still at work and wondering what is going on. February 23rd might be the day when you just don't care about anything. Stay home and pout.


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