Horoscope for February 2015 for Scorpio

Horoscope for February 2015 Scorpio Scorpio, it has been fun being the one everyone wants to sit by, talk to, and be with, but now it is someone else's turn. It all happens when Saturn in your sign moves out. Now you are just a normal person. Relax and enjoy the solitude.

February 1st Venus will move in with romantic Neptune in your house of loves. Together they will then move into dreamy Pisces and these three will work on your love life. Check out everyone you see and try not to fall in love with strangers before you get to know them.

February 23rd, a square between the Sun and Saturn moves into your house of finances. It seems like for the moment you will get through the month without any difficulties. Wait a day and you will find out that nothing you do will work. This is bound to be a tight month, again.

Aries planet buddies turn up the heat in our house of relationships from February 1st until the 22nd. The Moon, Venus and Mars will help you heat up your life as well as your workplace. Just sit tight and watch the fireworks. It is not the time to change.

Great days are the 1st Scorpio. You will have all the time you need to get projects done. The 7th of February is a perfect day for painting the inside of your house. On the 8th keep going with the remolding jobs; they are coming along famously. On the 18th things are wonderful with your relationship partner. You are getting along and you just love them. On the 25th and 26th of February take these days off and go on a short road trip to that awesome bed and breakfast you have been reading about.

Not so good days in February are the 5th when you have two flat tires and the 6th when you run into the highway barrier due to snow and ice. The 20th is every difficult as you finish up a presentation and give it to the group. The 21st is the day when scores and grade come out at school. Your name has a mark next to it. You need to go see the boss or the teacher. The 21st gives you a migraine as you wait outside an office for your verdict. The 22nd is the day when you regroup your forces and try to get through until nighttime. On the 23rd just stay at home and cover your head. Nothing is a bad as it seems.


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