Horoscope for February 2015 for Taurus

Horoscope for February 2015 Taurus Taurus, your bullish nature will come to the forefront between February 19th and 21st. There are several planets moving through Aries, who is the sign that cannot wait. Spontaneity of this sign is appealing and these planets moving in Aries will move into your house of secrets. Your adrenaline levels will be excited by someone you cannot have right now. Do be careful.

Venus tiptoes though romantic Pisces on February 20th. The Goddess of Love will work with the Goddess of Romance and Fantasies and transit through your house of friendships. It appears that someone you think of platonically might suddenly look very different.

Venus rules love and money, Taurus. When she enters impetuous Aries and your house of secrets on the 20th of February, Venus will ask you to spend quite a bit of money. You don't have much money, but you will spend it anyway just to show off to your friends. Perhaps it is a gift for someone you are not supposed to like or it may be something very expensive you absolute cannot afford. Do use your head and not your emotions.

Avoid signing any legally binding contracts until February 11th. This is when Mercury turns in Aquarius and your house of careers. If you believe you have all the information you need to make a decision, you might want to sign on the dotted line after the 11th. Cross your fingers.

Strange days for you in February Taurus are the 5th and 6th. Make no sudden movements on these days. You will break a leg; literally. On the 20th avoid changing your shift. Stay doing what you always do or you will regret it. On the 22nd the days are cold and awful. You feel like dying, but you are only full of cold medicine. On the 23rd keep the covers pulled up around your head. Stop smoking or you will find that you have asthma.

Great days in February, Taurus includes the 2nd when you are awarded a new project at work. You love it since you are so tired of being in one department. The 7th is a very great day when you sign the papers on your new car. The 8th is okay, but it is a day when you finish your projects. On the 19th you find you can do something different; take up a new second job. On the 24th your students love to listen to you and you have their full attention. The 25th is a wonderful day to be alive! Just breathe in the cool air and listen to snow falling on housetops.


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