Horoscope 2015 for Sagittarius

Horoscope 2015 for Sagittarius Eccentric and always-changing Sagittarius will be a wonderful match for inconsistent impulsive Ram. There are just a handful of Zodiacal houses whose energy could be so harmonious with the energy of the "hoofed" creature. Yin energy that in 2015 will transform into the ascending flow will fully synchronize with the Archers' life motivation. At the same time, the element of Fire that Sagittarius belongs to is in perfect harmony with the element of Earth which will dominate during the year. However, it should be noted that Sagittarius is a many-sided being: it can try to hit you with a flying slipper and then smile right after as if nothing has happened. The Archers' ingenuousness and straightness are perhaps their best qualities no matter what others may say. And the year of 2015 will prove it to all on more than one occasion. Thus, dear Archers, don't even try to impress people - act the way you always do. Don't partake in any intrigues and backstage games: all of this is alien to your nature. Follow your feelings and your intuition - they know exactly what you need. Staying true to yourself is your guiding light in the year of the Blue Wooden Ram. By the way, you may be told on numerous occasions that choosing logic over feelings is a more practical way to go. But ask yourself who needs practicality nowadays. Ask Michelangelo how practical he was when he was painting inside the Sistine Chapel! It goes without saying that it wouldn't hurt knowing how to add two and two together when you go shopping, for example, but overall, your nature is quite balanced with the current world; thus, there's no need to change anything especially when it comes to drastic changes. What you should control is your passion for eating and astonishing chit-chattiness because these peculiarities of your character are far from being progressive or positive. This year you'll most definitely run into several situations when circumstances will clearly, that is on fingers,

explain to you why you should not overeat and why you must keep your mouth shut.

When it comes to business, 2015 will prove to be a positive time for you. Don't be too concerned if early in the year your plans suddenly collapse without any hope for success. Frankly speaking, those are not your best plans and there will be a drastic need to revise them. You are not a stubborn sign, but your determination and persistence can cause quite a few troubles if things don't change. This is exactly why the Blue Wooden Ram will perhaps decide to help you its own way, that is big and unexpectedly. Don't you even think of resisting the changes, they are vital for you now! If talk about your business in particular, you should give a serious thought to finding new allies. Keep in mind that in the first half of the year you'll have a real chance to find a loyal reliable partner who you didn't even dream of before. Obviously, things are not just going to happen on their own and many of your past actions will result in current events. But even now you will have to put in enough effort to give your business a good push forward toward future progress. Take this very seriously - a very important moment in your career is in question now. By the way, this is true for not only those who are self-employed or own their business. Even if you are a regular employee, you'll have a chance to "climb" up the career ladder due to a kind of a nudge provided by the circumstances. But it should be noted once again: nothing will happen and nothing will change without your active participation. It's not only that rolling stones don't grow moss; "rolling" clerks don't get a chance to develop rust, either. Thus, be active like never before; try to be everywhere and anywhere especially in the fields that you've chosen as priorities. And don't be too worried if not everyone understands and supports your actions. After all, envy and selfishness have not been cancelled yet. Did you think everyone adored you for your honesty and directness?..

Your love front will be full of surprises in 2015. First, if you haven't found your other half yet, the Ram will be helping you in this direction in a very active way, but alas, in not such a successful way as it would want. Firstly, this year you'll definitely have to go through a number of touchy situations which you will not always exit as a winner (you should be ready for it). But don't you worry; you'll be only partially guilty of that; it is more probable that the circumstances will make you choose the lesser evil. Of course, later time will come to make excuses, but this won't be the most horrible thing that could happen to you, trust us. Moreover, don't take "amorous affairs" too close to heart. Everything that will unfold is an absolutely logical natural way of things which fully correspond to the choice you made before. Or we could be talking about a "piling up" effect of various life moments which, again, won't have a specifically targeted destructive impulse. As the saying goes, a mouthful of worries! It would be better, though, if your mouth was full of logical conclusions so that you could explain to everyone why things were this way and not another. People will listen to what you have to say about both minor things and more serious issues. But, as we all know, it is much easier to lose trust than earn it; so even when you are with your family, think before you speak.

Overall, Sagittarius' emotional mood in 2015 will be positive despite some minor domestic troubles. That is why there is hardly any sense in being upset about gaining couple extra pounds, for example. When it comes to health, the year of the Blue Wooden Ram will not bring any serious problems to you. There is some risk of being injured or even having a fractured bone, but caution will solve these problems. Moreover, don't abuse alcohol - now is not the best time to add extra workload to your liver. When it comes to diseases caused by viruses, your immune system will handle them just fine, so you may chase all worries away if you happen to expose yourself to extreme colds or visit a sick friend.

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