Horoscope 2015 for Scorpio

Horoscope 2015 for Scorpio Perhaps of all Zodiacal houses Scorpio is the most uncompromising and ruthless one. It is an archetype of a cruel ruler - almost despot - if not for its innate sense of justice. It should be said that in 2015 it is this unique aspiration to do everything "the right way" that will allow the Scorpions to literally transition to the next level in both physical and spiritual development. Interestingly enough, the Blue Wooden Ram overall will not sympathize with such an ill-tempered sign even though the energy of Water represented by Scorpio matches perfectly with the energy of Earth which will be dominant in 2015. What does Scorpio need for happiness? Besides a revolver which can come quite handy during arguments…In reality, people born in the sign of Scorpio are rather ascetic, selfless at times and most importantly dedicated to what they love with all their heart. In 2015 all these qualities will climax and this amazingly mighty bright wave of powerful surge will help you achieve truly impressive results in any field. After all, as we all know, Scorpio can sew and it can crop and if necessary it can be a specialist in the field of transcendence of absolute. What a chameleon of a sign! It adapts to any conditions amazingly well. This is exactly what will drive the Ram crazy; after all, all it is accustomed to is galloping the meadows and that's pretty much it. But the hoofed creature will hardly be able to create truly serious problems for you. The Scorpions have always stood out with their stamina and self-confidence, even though sometimes there are some individuals who astrologists refer to as "grey lizards". These guys confine all their irrepressible energy inside and as a result not only do they push everyone away, but they also never achieve anything in life. Recall one famous memo: "Don't be like that!"

When it comes to business, in 2015 everything will work out for Scorpio. You can safely set the bar as high as possible and never even doubt for a second that you'll reach practically all goals and solve practically all problems. During this time your own energy level will be quite high and overall this year will prove tremendously productive. It goes without saying, you'll get what you want only if you make every possible effort with the key word being "every". The truth is hard work for Scorpio is not actually a problem; they are used to it. Just don't mess with them - you may get stung right in a head. Not everybody knows it, though, so don't be too angry if you start getting bothered with silly offers or questions. Perhaps at some moments you'll think that you found yourself in the fools' market. Partly, you won't be far from the reality; but this is hardly a reason to abandon everything and go into hiding. Pull yourself together, focus and learn to do what has always been difficult for you - to stay impartial. You should stop taking personal responsibility for everyone's actions. Scorpio's life beliefs are most frequently amazingly objective, logical and fair. But if you don't have a single Scorpion working for you it'll be quite the task to try and explain these fellows how and why they've existed all these years…Well, things are not going to be easy for you, but this is not the reason to get disheartened. On the contrary - get all your resourced pulled together and keep sweating by keeping famous "through hardships to the stars" in mind. Very little time will pass before you find a way to optimize the world around you. It may be a little bit more difficult for those who are not self-employed. These Scorpions will run into the problem of their management's pathologic unwillingness to understand things. To hell with it! Do as you please if you don't want to make a fool out of yourself. Or have a resignation letter submitted - you've got no third option left. You are not the one who can tolerate (the only exception is the above-mentioned "grey lizard" type).

You are in for some serious changes on your love front in 2015. If you haven't got married yet, now is the high time to do it. This, however, absolutely has to be your own decision. If you're not sure, if someone's persistently pressuring you by saying something like "it's time to settle down, pal", then such an idiot deserves to get smacked - in matters like these the worst thing that can happen is someone's giving advice. The fact is you know it very well, so there is no way someone will be able to interfere with your affairs. Nonetheless, don't feel shy to put someone in their place because it'll be much more difficult to do it afterwards and there will be many more consequences, too. You'll have to go through a few metamorphoses in your family and miraculously grow white fluffy furry coat. Now your inability to compromise and harsh attitude to problem-solving will be too much and if you don't want to lose your dear ones, you'd better "hold those horses". The thing is for you personally this will hardly be a crucial life-defining moment, but sometimes you should think of others, too, shouldn't you? So, learn to listen to people around you, especially those who play a more or less significant part in your life. When doing so, don't be too concerned with what is going on the periphery of your relations. For example, your girl-friend may have some "questionable interaction" with her ex. Don't be true to yourself in this instance - don't immediately try to nip things in the bud by grabbing your infamous bat you still have since the days of your wild youth. Let things resolve themselves; your interference will only complicate matters and the outcome will turn out even worse. If there's trust, it's time to prove it's well deserved. If there is no trust, then why bother at all?

When it comes to health, in the year of the Blue Wooden Ram the Scorpions will feel quite confident. Some of you suffering from chronic cardio conditions may go through some problems, but overall they won't be that serious. Stars recommend that you forge your immune system and stay fit in general especially if you are young Scorpio. And if you account for the fact that Scorpio is the sign that tends to stay young all life long, you should make all the right conclusions yourself.

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