Horoscope 2015 for Pisces

Horoscope 2015 for Pisces The Zodiacal house of Pisces is unique in many aspects and those who are born at the end of February or in March most often walk their own unique life path which connects what seems to be completely incompatible. This is exactly why the year of the Blue Wooden Ram will prove largely successful for the Fishes - there won't be any truly big problems. It should be noted that the energy flow of the year fully corresponds to Pisces' astral emanations. In this case Earth (Ram) will be getting everything it needs from Water (Pisces) and passive pensive steady yin energy which would be characteristic of the year as a whole will be much favored by the Fishes' life beliefs. At the same time it should be kept in mind that the Fishes are idealists to a greater degree and many of them, surprisingly enough, wear "rose-colored glasses" until their last days. Why is that? Is it because of their bottomless faith in people and world around or is it due to their pathologic inability to accept the negative side of life? This is one of those "eternal" questions and each of you has your own answer to it. The Ram typically has a direct unbiased outlook on things. And this is logical: while soaring in the clouds in the process of pasturing it is quite easy to overlook an approaching predator or fall off a rocky cliff. The Ram is practical and this is where a conflict may arise between it and the Fishes which will obviously affect their financial life only. But even in this case it is hardly necessary to talk about some real problems; those will probably be just some troubles and misunderstandings that will resolve themselves without your direct intervention. Similarly to true artists, the Fishes should follow their vocation. But there is certainly a reason why Pisces sign has two pictorial fishes on it swimming in the opposite directions. These are two diametrically opposite ways: easy and difficult as a rule. The outcome of an easy way is Vasya the janitor. And the result of following the difficult path is Albert Einstein. The Fishes are many-sided creatures; they are creative, often canny, but not completely out of touch with reality as it may seem. Nonetheless, there are few natural "dealers" and businessmen among Pisces. However, in 2015 you'll have all chances to improve your financial situation. You should only learn from lively Ram who never stops for a second; after all, it is a matter of survival for it. And even if you are a water sign, it doesn't mean, metaphorically speaking, that in the conditions of complete stagnation you'll suddenly be able to turn the river flow the way you want it. You'll have to work for it, make maximum effort and use all available resources to achieve a set goal. The first quarter of the year will allow you to lay a solid foundation for further development which will result in ultimate success. And don't stop at half-measures as you're used to. Set the bar as high as you can…without unnecessary fanaticism obviously; after all, it is not very probable for you to become a president within a year, unless this is in some African country where there are no laws at all…To cut a long story short, the Ram will give you enough opportunities; you'll only have to be brave enough to realize them. Stay active; constantly move toward something; don't be idle. However, "senseless and merciless" workaholicism is no good, either. After all, the above-mentioned Vasya the janitor can sweep that street day after day, but municipality will hardly pay him more for it. If you want to have opportunities, you must seek them. 2015 can truly become a life-changing year for you - you simply have to want it; and by the mid-year you'll have certainly been surprised on taking a look back.

When it comes to the sphere of personal relations, in the year of the Blue Wooden Ram everything will be just fine. As a bare minimum stars guarantee harmonious, honest and open relations with your partner, your other half. If you, due to some reasons, don't share your home hearth with anyone, the Ram doesn't want you to rush things. Even if you're really impatient. Instead think about why things are the way they are. Maybe it's time to make some changes…At the same time, don't dwell on what your close ones tell you. They may be right, but they don't know the whole story, thus they are unable to give you truly appropriate advice. It is up to you how you want to handle them now, but one thing is for sure: you must change things! At least trim your toenails to stop clattering when walking on the linoleum like the cat that's lost the habit of hiding its claws. It's a funny metaphor, but is not that far from the truth; after all, sometimes all it takes is a minor detail to make the puzzle finally come together. You've got everything you need to improve your life. But this is not the issue. The Fishes are innately timid and easy to be led. It is easier for a Pisces writer to find a patron of the arts who would pay for their living expenses while he/she is in the process of "creating another masterpiece". But in real life this happens way too rarely; thus, it'll be wiser and more practical to "come to senses" all on your own. Don't ever give up your aspirations; simply bring them closer to earth. It's quite possible that by the end of summer you'll have met someone who will become your spiritual mentor. Obviously, you're not going to realize it right off the bat, but your relations will develop in full accord with your need brought on by your condition. You know, the Universe is not accustomed to introducing itself to those who have been suffering from prolonged depression. In any case, the first step is for you to take.

When it comes to health, 2015 may be dangerous due to the heightened risk of having a fracture or bad dislocation. Thus, for example, if you took a wrong step and felt a sharp pain in your foot, don't ignore it; don't be lazy and go to the emergency clinic. In spring and summer GIT conditions may exacerbate. Other than that the year of the Blue Wooden Ram will not bring you any other significant problems, so don't limit yourself too much.

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