Horoscope 2015 for Gemini

Horoscope 2015 for Gemini The year of the Ram will be quite tricky for Gemini; for starters, the element of Earth will be ruling the upcoming period while the Twins themselves are the habitants of the air trigon. Nonetheless, the good-natured Ram (almost always the case) will do its best to make sure 2015 doesn't cause you too much grief emotionally and financially. The key here is to find a balance between your desires and abilities. It is an eternal dilemma, isn't it? Especially for women… However, now we are talking about slightly more global things. It looks probable that during the first half of the year you'll have enough energy and material resources to have all your ideas and goals realized. Time will be an issue, though: it'll never be enough. Thus, you'll have to choose and the choice will have to be wise. Generally speaking, this situation is not typical for the Twins since they can usually successfully do several things at once which never ceases to amaze people around. According to the legend, Gemini ladies are born with phone receivers in their hands. To be serious, the main problem for the Twins in 2015 will be a global dissonance brought on by a sudden change of circumstances. You will either move, change jobs or get married. Or maybe the world will suddenly change and your best friend will leave you. And it won't matter why it happened; what will matter is the consequence - you being out of your comfort zone for a long time (at least half a year). Stars don't promise never-ending troubles to you, though. It is not probable that 2015 will be a problematic year for you in a physical aspect of upcoming events. That means you are hardly be fired or experience some other hard-to-solve problem. But your condition influenced by your emotion will not be the best.

In view of the above, it's logical to conclude that Gemini's efficiency will drop significantly in 2015. Just don't be blaming the Ram… the Blue one… the Wooden one on top of that! Sometimes circumstances prove more difficult that we'd like them to be. But don't believe silly stereotypes - there are no obstacles that can't be overcome. The issue typically comes down to what we are willing to give up in order to solve a problem. And frequently we are simply not happy with the price we are expected to pay; that's why while we are busy weighing all pros and cons good opportunities are leaving us. 2015 will prove uneasy especially when it comes to a professional field: you'll constantly be demanded to be focused and on top of your game. It should be noted here that you won't be able to do several things at once like you used to before - you'll have to prioritize your goals. You'll feel that your life tonus is lower than normal and it is hard to say how long this negative phase will last. Things are too specific to each of us individually and largely depend on our personal qualities. Specifically, your will and diplomatic approach to solving problems will move to the front seat. Luckily, the Twins certainly know how to "gab" - this is in their blood, so to speak. And when it comes to will power, things will be much more interesting here. Don't even think of partaking in any backstage ventures even if your position is at stake. Stay unbiased and open in any situation; don't succumb to your colleagues' provocations - they will probably play dirty. You've got your clear professional duties that you must carry out, so focus on them. It goes without saying, things will be easier for Gemini entrepreneurs. They will have no one to "bug" them and no one to try to dominate over them. Remember: you've got nowhere to rush to, so take your time when making decisions.

The emotional sphere in 2015 will prove to be much more stable for Gemini. This can be explained by the fact that the Ram is a highly emotional creature while the Twins are energetically calm. It's important to not confuse the Twins' life activeness and dynamics with their emotionally-psychological peculiarities. Gemini is always on the go; they even say these people can be in several places at once! But on the inside they do feel collected and balanced. If not for such a bright and realistic "mask", many Twins could be described by the following words, "cool like a boa". This is exactly why the year of 2015 will prove emotionally balanced; whether it's super eventful or tranquil really depends on your personal preferences. You may choose to spend all 365 days the same way - partying away with your friends. You'll be good at it, that's for sure! Alternatively, you may choose to focus on your family and spend all your time with them and give them all you have; then you'll get a completely different result. Just remember you are not going to live forever. Even professional athletes (all the more so professional athletes!) have their bodies give up on them sometimes. In 2015 your stomach and pancreas chronic ailments will probably exacerbate. Your liver may also suddenly act up. Think of introducing some changes to your diet. No matter what you do, don't follow your current patron the Ram's example. Fresh juicy grasses are the source of all vital elements for it; you, on the other hand, will hardly last long by eating greens only; this is for sure, so vegetarianism is not for you. Besides, they say in Swahili "vegetarian" means "bad hunter", so don't be in a rush to change your life style drastically even if all circumstances without exception are trying to convince you of the opposite. Don't try to prove anything to anyone; do what you think necessary, but don't forget that you are not the only one who thinks that way.

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