Horoscope 2015 for Cancer

Horoscope 2015 for Cancer Interestingly enough, in Ancient Egypt and during the ancient times the Zodiac of Cancer was referred to as Scarab. This creature was a sacred priestly symbol signifying immortality of a human soul and in one of the aspects the moment of transitioning from the world of living to the world of dead and vice versa. Today Cancer is an emotional, impulsive and rather loveful creature who would do nothing else but try something new. And the year of 2015 will prove quite handy in this regard. The Ram's element is the element of wood; Cancer's element is water. Water feeds wood and we seem to know this from our childhood days. At the same time, there is a direct dependence between the physical embodiment of an element and its latent essential characteristics. In other words, Cancer will be quite happy with the year of 2015! This year your emotions, your insatiable desire of experimenting, your creative energy will be applied in a variety of directions. Don't be surprised if someone suddenly offers you to do some, say, art painting or fencing despite the fact you've never even once given it a thought before. This doesn't mean you're not going to be good at it, does it? So, pick up that brush or a blade and master the new skills. The tonality of the year - the year of the playful fun Ram - will be pleasing to you; therefore, in order for you to become successful you'll only need to be willing and focused; the rest will follow as they say. And don't even think of discounting Cancer's innate interest in esotericism. It is an amazing unfathomable side of its life which, unfortunately, not all the Crabs let loose. It goes without saying that things like that must be handled very carefully; after all, as they say, the farther into the woods, the angrier the woodpeckers. This means the perfectly carefree Crab may easily get into some trouble. In 2015 you'll have all chances to do so, so be more careful, but by no means should you ignore your intuition.

When it comes to entrepreneurial success, 2015 will prove to be quite busy and productive given this Zodiac's personal peculiarities, that is Cancer's pathological inability to resist temptations. They say that if Cancer lady has got a sweet tooth, it will be a breeze for her to devour a whole cake in under half-hour even if she is a dainty fragile thing that barely weighs 50 kilos. In other words, in 2015 you are in for a serious trial. Not as serious as it should have been, but Cancer's will power will be given some hard time. Under no circumstances should you agree to the dealings that go against vital key principles of your enterprise. Play fair and don't be chasing after easy money by capitalizing on questionable opportunities; otherwise, you'll be sure to lose. It'll definitely be a good experience for you which will help you avoid even greater troubles in the future. However, it's always better to learn from others' mistakes (even though lessons learnt from your own mistakes tend to register in your memory much better, don't they?). This is exactly why in 2015 the Blue Wooden Ram will ensure a whole number of opportunities which will let you strengthen your positions when it comes to your principles' unshakeability. If there are examples to follow in your immediate circle, learn from them; there's no sense in being ashamed of what makes you stronger. And forget about stereotypes if you want to continue climbing up a career ladder. It goes without saying that if you are content with being an average clerk, the so-called office plankton, you may then relax and do nothing. But in this case you are not Cancer, you are definitely not Cancer. True Crabs have got enough ambitions that simply must be realized. Focus on your main goal and travel the path of the least resistance; don't create unnecessary difficulties; play according to the rules, but know when to stand your ground without giving in to assertive pressure from outside.

When it comes to the emotional side of life, the Blue Ram (sounds funny, doesn't it?) recommend that the Crabs be more practical. You are sufficiently direct; you enjoy backstage games, but don't partake in them too often because first, they contradict your life beliefs and second, they take a lion share of your time. 2015 doesn't ask you to drastically change your views; still it'd be extremely beneficial for you to learn to look a few steps ahead. We are not going to use an example with chess which is as old as the world itself; we all are adults here and we've got the point. Be more careful in your relations especially when choosing your life partner. You give preference to your emotions over your mind way too often; this is a good thing to do, but it's not always appropriate and safe personally for you. In this regard the movie Bad Girl is hardly an ideal example for you to follow and it shouldn't probably be used as an example at all. Be wiser and don't think of your own desires only or should we use harsher words and say "your own hormones only"? There are many people who truly care for you. There are many people who you truly care about, too. Lastly, you've got your family, your kin. So, do you really think it is worth setting all these relations on fire for the sake of "having a serious fling with that chick"? This may sound as an exaggeration, of course, but Cancer has got the point of these words. Follow your feelings - it's the right thing to do, but know how to distinguish between genuine emotions and immediate desires-these children of hormonal surge and thirst of thrills.

Surprisingly enough, the year of 2015 will be bordering on being almost the best time of Cancer's life from the health perspective. Generally speaking, the Crabs are prone to various chronic tonsillitis conditions, stomach problems as well as issues with pancreas and liver. This year all of these will move to the backseat if not out of your focus completely. You will feel absolutely healthy and for many Crabs this will prove to be a truly happy year which they will look back on as the time of sincere unbelievable joy.

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