Horoscope for November 2015 for Leo

Horoscope for November 2015 Leo In November 2015, the Horoscope promises Leos peace and quiet in his personal life. Friends will not betray you, a loved one will not change, but the relatives will not flee at the first hint of a difficult situation. A definite plus is the coming month is that you do not have to puzzle over the actions of the lover as she throws another curve ball. If in November the passion of Leo kills all the thrown dishes, you had to pack up and go to your mother, then you will know exactly that the cause of the protest must lie in an unfamiliar female hair found on the marital bed (or even if the entire stranger was found there). Women of this sign of the zodiac will also accurately determine the cause of an offended sniff and conspicuous silence she was "blessed" with and will try every effort to correct the situation. If she feels that she is at least partly to blame (for example, went through champagne at birthday and actively flirted with a nice young man), the affection, care and assurances of love and will make her spouse forget the unpleasant incident. Leos, which believe that a conflict occurred without her guilt (say, she threw away the old fishing rods that were gathering dust in the attic), will convince the affected party can convince that her act was faithful and fishing is evil in general when compared to the now trending yoga, diet and vegetarianism.

Single Leos have a chance to meet their other half in November 2015. Relationships of this zodiac sign will remind a passionate waltz in which the partners are breathing in unison and together to create a beautiful dance. However, the Horoscope advises his proteges not to get carried away and to remain vigilant. Periodically cast a critical eye on your chosen one and analyze his actions. Perhaps, in this love, you are not the hunter, but a silly prey that was lured into a trap. Do not think that if your love the sight is like floating mist, then the partner also has clouded vision. If the Leos do not want to be left in the late fall with a blank credit card and a broken heart, they should carefully choose the circle where they spend their time.

This month, Ms. Fortune will become a permanent inmate of your cabinet. In November, the Leos will be able to sign many lucrative deals and get a handsome profit. Despite this apparent position of the stars, the Horoscope advises that any sign keeps their ears open, ensuring that their confidence is not developed into overconfidence. Hurrying and a superficial view of things can land you in a puddle and give you a fairly damp reputation. Another tip that the celestial bodies want to give the Leo is to pay attention to the details of their last moment. To achieve the desired result, you must demonstrate the accuracy and thoroughness worthy of a drug dealer, because all of these "maybes" in November do not pay the rent. Carefully read what is written in the contract and look at the small letters in the form of footnotes and explanations. An interpersonal king of beasts will be not as successful as he would like in this month. The fact is that the people around you will give Leos vying tips and advice, which the representatives of this zodiac sign cannot stand. You think it is logical that the head is given to man to think and not to listen to other people's advice, so that you will prefer your decisions to truly be your own, without the annoying prompts from the outside. Unfortunately, not all people are able to understand that such an approach is vital, so do not get angry when the chorus of advisers will once again start with the old song "In your place, I would ...." Recognize such weakness in others as distribution of free advice and do not pay attention to it. In the end, no one forbids you to listen to the next friendly person, with an air of profundity while nod his head, and then go about and do differently. In November 2015, listen to smart people, but always have the last word. Then you will not lose any authority or self-esteem, or money!


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Horoscope for November 2015