Horoscope for November 2015 for Virgo

Horoscope for November 2015 Virgo In fall 2015, the Virgo will be unduly impressionable and emotional. The event, which has created a nuisance for this zodiac sign in the past months, as if you found it too easy to seize chocolate bars, may cause tragedy and the downfall of all hope in the future, drowning you with sorrow unless you once again receive a gift from the chocolate factory. As you know, family, friends and colleagues of this zodiac sign should be expecting a walk through a minefield in the coming period. It is necessary to inform the Virgos returning from work, that you may become a spectator tearful monologue on the topics of "How could you not buy food, selfish!", "We have nothing to feed the children, and they will go to bed hungry" and "In the world to come potato crisis, humanity cannot survive! " The magnitude of the disaster depends on the degree of pessimism of the Virgo, but it will be a disaster, there is no doubt. The Horoscope advises his proteges to cease dramatizing the situation late fall and spoiling the moods of the surrounding people with accusations and insults. Accept the fact that life is not perfect and it periodically meets roughness, bumps, and even splinters that need to be perceived as inevitable. If you learn to distinguish the real problems from unpleasant incidents, it will save you and others many nerve cells.

In November 2015, the Virgo may think that she was left alone in this world, without support, and the support of the like-minded people especially. The fact is that the ideas and dreams of this zodiac sign will encounter a wall of misunderstanding or even indifference. The fact is that the surrounding people will be puzzled, shrug and hide their eyes in response to your provocative speeches (and some might even directly call the proposed plan utter nonsense). That is able to hurt the self-esteem and the self-evaluation of the Virgo. Most likely you will decide that your proposals do not deserve the attention and close in yourself, abandoning the struggle. The Horoscope forbids you from hanging up your nose and indulging in despondency! Remember the great success stories in which no one believed. Do you think investors lined up in front of the garage where Steve Jobs invented the Apple? Or Henry Ford did not have packs of rejected offers of sponsorship, while inventing his first car? Many business projects seemed stupid, unrealistic and unprofitable - until they turn out to be legends. The only thing that allowed them to come to life and bring millions to their authors - is a faith of an inventor. We do not say that in November you will invent a bicycle and head the list of the richest people according to Forbes, we just want to say that you can lose money, partner, respect, but not faith in themselves, then you still have a chance for success.

Panic and excessive emotionality will prevail in the professional lives of Virgos as well, which is hardly likely to appeal to the superiors and subordinates of this zodiac sign. Would you like to be the boss who, in response to even a minor mistake rewards the employee with derogatory epithets and tries to cut the premium? The Virgo employees will either evolve to a higher intelligence or not make gaffes and blunders altogether. They should learn to conceal themselves from an overly strict boss if they have one. Just like a good housewife masks the burnt cream cakes, the failures of the project can be hiding in the mass of client profitability and laudatory reviews. Management also has hard times, distinguished by extreme pessimism in November. If there is a chance that the order will not be made on time, you should not go to the boss's office and yell "Boss, we need to cancel the project!" A possible problem may make impressionable leadership grab the heart medication and threaten to dismiss the entire staff. To avoid such risks, the Horoscope advises the Virgo not to panic ahead of time and if there is no confidence in the occurrence of an event, follow the classic rule of "smile and wave." Do not grieve your boss ahead of time, because your award depends on his good mood! In November 2015, do not waste time inventing problems and economic disasters, because mankind has a Hollywood screenwriter for that. Tune in to a positive wave and believe in your own luck!


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