Horoscope for November 2015

Horoscope for November 2015 November 2015 is a this time when people know exactly what they want and are willing to go to great lengths to achieve this. First of all, Mrs. Fate gives the go-ahead flag and all of the zodiac signs will rush forward; however, each will do it in his own manner. Some will first carefully study the starting line, explore the treadmill, pluck off the cover and submit it to the laboratory for analysis. Others will take a long time to discuss the situation, comment on rivals and pestering the judge to clarify the rules. And only the most determined will simply and without any tricks rush to the finish line, which, in fact, is what the universe demands from us this month.

The love relationships will be stable and calm in late fall. Partners have all figured out in the previous months that it is enough to yell at each other, leaving broken plates and accusations in the wake and finally freeing the soul, now you can enjoy the armistice. It is unlikely that an event will happen in November that will make you pull out your gun and resume shrouded hostilities. Several things will complicate the lives of the zodiac signs, which are used to maintaining a relationship degree equal to the temperature in the crater of an active volcano. Routine and life can make any passion be immersed in a coma, so do not wait until the feeling starts to bend from a lack of emotion. Organize your own makeup. Even a small drop of romance can save your relationship from destruction, so do not neglect this effective preventive tool! People who previously experienced a severe rupture, in late fall should mentally wash off the dirt and grime of the past, to start a new life without a heavy load on their shoulders. Past wrongs do his master like a woman with a child, like she's still lovely and interesting; however, you decide that starting a serious relationship with her is of no hurry, as you glance warily at the living appendage.

In love politics in November 2015, the battlefield will remain not for the generals, but for diplomats. The signs of the zodiac, which are able to just make a compliment when one is needed, to remain silent in the right case, and to put pressure on the weak spot, no doubt, will be on the horseback. Words in the coming period will be no less important than actions, so do not skimp on praise and recognition. People whose love is limited in the dictionary department, with only the "I love you too" in this month will fall under the hail of claims made by dissatisfied lover. But do not think that those members of humanity that whose words know no bounds are promised by the Horoscope solid kisses. The cunning manipulators should not waiting for anything good in the late fall. If the partner will suspect that your gentle cooing is nothing more than a red herring before buying fur coats / sofa / winter tires, all US hurricanes seem to you a light breeze compared to the storm arranged by your loved one.

This month's success will not accompany the workers who operate quickly, but those who are doing it right. Agree that between the "do the job" and "do the job well" there is a significant difference. Try a November approach to the project, as if the psychopath boss took all your family as hostages, locked them in a warehouse with explosives and threatened to press the red button as soon as your make one misstep. Checking and rechecking with the control reconciliation - those are the pillars of success this fall. A very strong influence on the outcome of tasks in the coming period will be rendered by the human emotions. The signs of the zodiac, which do not have the mental flexibility and diplomacy quirk will prefer plain truth and will face a number of challenges. Colleagues offended at the harsh statements will take every opportunity to broadcast their address in the negative. So be careful of being a member of the whistleblowers. The Horoscope advises us to have a little more diplomacy and behave in the department tactfully. Offensive comparisons and inferences are permissible only if your subordinates blew up the office and killed the most profitable customers, so you do not plan to lay off saboteurs, instead preferring to bury them quietly on the office lawn. In all other tasks, sharpness will bite you, so keep yourself in check. In November 2015, the stars hope that people will show professionalism in the business affairs, as in life - kindness, generosity and forbearance. Even the very astrologers are advised not to disappoint the celestial bodies!


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