Horoscope for November 2015 for Sagittarius

Horoscope for November 2015 Sagittarius In November 2015, Sagittarius will resemble a flower - beautiful, alluring, but terribly fragile. The representatives of this zodiac sign will be given plenty of time to work on their appearance and inner self, but will prefer not to expose their dignity like on a show. The Horoscope warns that this is a failing strategy in advance, as even the most perfect flower is able to get lost in the dense garden among the less beautiful, but noisier plants. If you continue to hide from the human attitudes in the shade, then to you risk being unnoticed as the weeds grow no matter where, and can parasitize even the best of plants. When in November some personality rolls towards you with selfish intentions, greedy eyes and thin wallets, then think about whether it is time to get out of the shadows and draw attention to yourself of some really decent people? Happiness is a scarce commodity (like a pair of shoes from Armani your size on sale), so do not expect that in its search everyone will be polite, orderly and so merciful enough to give their seat to women, children and the disabled. No, most likely for the love and happiness this month we will have to compete with a whole crowd, not disdaining to cling to the hair of a particularly brazen person, climbing up to the counter without a queue.

This fall, the Horoscope advises the Sagittarius against hasty judgments. Sometimes Mrs. Fortune gives us gifts in an unpretentious gray wrapper, pitted mice and casually tied with string. Some people carelessly throw away the offering, not even bothering to open it, and some open the package and find in it a diamond the size of a pigeon's egg. In November 2015, do not be like the first case, but take an example from the second, remembering that even chocolate can have unpresentable form, but that its taste does not suffer. The Priestess of Love, Venus will also try to mess up the heads of her wards this fall, so do not be surprised if she throws you a prince hidden as a beggar. Do not judge a person by the external wrapping and look deeper. Expensive suits and good perfume can be bought, but honesty, love and desire to hug you in those moments when the world turns are not innate and develop through training. This month, the Sagittarius does not need to go to Alaska to find gold, it is enough to look carefully at his feet and a precious gem will not take long to appear.

The Horoscope promises a change, though Ms. Fortune in November will decide to bring happiness to you, without asking anyone's permission for it. Changes will be sudden and somewhat violent. Roughly speaking, one day the boss of the Sagittarius will enter the office and say "You're the coordinator of the project landscaping in our area. Centenarian oaks and two hundred year old firs are needed under the windows of the office by Monday." The representatives of this zodiac sign will be stunned in the eyes, gasping for Air and frantically pondering: did they just get a raise or were dismissed, without violating the labor code? As you know, with the new posts comes great responsibility and the need to show positive results in the shortest time, so get ready for an exhausting career race. If the Sagittarius will not whine and complain and perceive this as an excellent opportunity to further advance, he can gain a foothold on the newly obtained position. Believe me, the stars do not want you to drown in a sea of urgent matters and important projects. In November 2015, life will be like a maniac-altruist that had no had sex for six months, dragging the victim into the bushes, with one purpose only: to make it nice, so do not resist too zealously otherwise there will be no pleasure. This fall, the Horoscope advises the Sagittarius to pay special attention to their own competence. If you have the opportunity to go on training courses, then without a doubt collect the suitcase and buy a ticket. Knowledge is not redundant, so do not ignore the opportunity to become a more valuable person. In November 2015, flow with trust and swim wherever the knowledge carries you, then life will turn out to be not a struggle with the elements, but a nice swim in the warm water!


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