Horoscope for November 2015 for Aquarius

Horoscope for November 2015 Aquarius In November 2015 the people born under the sign of Aquarius will traditionally have it easy to lift and easy to inspire. Your optimism can only be envied. When you decide to open courses about the fact spitting good mood can solve all the problems, let me know, I'm sure that many books will be written about his. If Aquarius's life turns into sour milk, he will announce the resulting product is yogurt, and if the jacket breaks, it will be the beginning of a new trend. In the case of the children of Air, the placebo effect appears in all its glory: whatever this bright zodiac sign believes in will become the truth. However, in the love area direct persuasion will not be as effective this month. The Horoscope advises you to formulate ideas softly and formulate more compromises in relationships with those who are dear to you. The desire to constantly be right and do what you please can lead to serious conflicts for Aquarius with their companion of life. If you're hysterically screaming, "No! No! No! ", and the answer is your partner enthusiastically yelling "Yes! Yes! Yes! ", then you will not get anywhere, and everyone eventually will make their own way. It's time to grow and build a dialogue that is not categorical on your own opinions, but on the facts and arguments, taking into account the arguments of the opposite side just as well. If the Aquarius puts themselves and their loved one on either side of the barricade, by the end of November, he can be alone when his other half will find herself in a company of a couple of less categorical personalities.

New relationships this period will vary in fragility and instability for the Aquarius. Your potential mate will enter into a period of doubt in your fidelity, and perhaps will even ask for a timeout. The Horoscope advises his proteges not to panic and not to go into ultimatums. Believe me, the condition of "yes - now" or "no - never" is the worst that can be presented in a given situation. Yes, even the bravest zodiac sign upon hearing this will prefer to escape to the North Pole and hide among polar bears. Show respect for the feelings and thoughts of the partner and give them time to understand you quietly. Unobtrusive attention substituted at the right time will help you leverage yourself to winning the battle of love. This month, the Horoscope categorically forbids people to resort to sneaky tricks and stratagems. Do not try to find a loved one and pull strings for them, achieving the desired solution. Feeling the slightest attempt to take control, your partner will get infuriated and the polar bears will not be able to hide you from the retribution. In late fall, you must play by the rules, and even if you lose - it will be an honest party.

In November 2015, awakened ambition will push Aquarius into the next campaign for wealth and honors. Even if you're on top of the food chain in your office, you will want to do more and go to a regional or even an international level. To the credit of this zodiac sign, it should be noted that he will not take away the laurels from colleagues or build them traps. If you need to go for a medal against a tank with only a bottle of petrol mixture, then you will go, but never push another soldier under the tan only to then ascribe the feat to yourself. All of the achievements of Aquarius will be honestly awarded for their hard work, stress resistance and a sharp mind. The Horoscope asks his proteges not to get too carried away conquering career heights, especially if your health takes a long time alarm bells. Stress, sleep deprivation and malnutrition are able to provide you a sterile hospital room, instead of the new cabinet, and instead of adding staff subordinates - a team of doctors with syringes ready.

If your work is based on dealing with people, in November it is better to entrust the important negotiations to the representatives of other zodiac signs. The fact is that this period is marked by an extremely conflicted nature of Aquarius, which may prevent them from establishing profitable business relationships. You yourself feel how difficult it is to hold back when communicating with colleagues and not to move from a constructive dialogue to insulting epithets. The Horoscope asks you to please note that your opinion is not always the only right one and several ways can lead to one goal, as a rule, so do not dismiss the other team members' made suggestions. However, when delegating authority to subordinates, the Aquarius should not forget the need for constant monitoring. If you take a project adrift, it can significantly spoil your personal destiny. In November 2015, do not believe in blind luck and keep a steady hand to guide your ship to new lands!


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