Horoscope for November 2015 for Pisces

Horoscope for November 2015 Pisces In November 2015, life will put the Pisces into boiling water and then drown them in an ice-hole, so that the representatives of this zodiac sign should be prepared for changes in temperature. Unrequited feelings will throw you in the heat and the cold and the result will remain anonymous until the end of the month. Most likely, the answer chosen is a negative, but the Horoscope asks people not to consider the incident a waste of time and money. In life there are no wrong feelings and emotions - they are bestowed on us for a purpose. Perhaps, unrequited love makes Pisces more tolerant to the shortcomings of others, or softer towards those who love them. Human dignity is manifested not only in how we give our love, but also in how we accept or refuse the love of others. If a person has experienced the pain of being stabbed, he is unlikely to mindlessly poke machetes at someone else in the future.

In late fall, the Pisces who are happy in a relationship, may find it worth remembering the wise saying "let well enough alone" and to enjoy their current life stability. If your significant other loves you, kids delight you, and you do not believe in serial killers or drug addicts, then life is definitely a success! Do not seek to conquer happiness halfway around the world in addition to your family, in fact, a piece bitten off too much that you cannot chew it will eventually simply suppress you. The representatives of this zodiac sign should not expect a trick of fate and accept the current calm like a calm before the storm, because negative thoughts tend to materialize. Think that good people are just always lucky according to the law of universal justice and if you are among the lucky ones, it says that your karma clean and not pending trouble. The single Pisces should stop hiding in the deep whirlpools in November 2015 and will finally embark on a search of other fish in the pond, where you can find friends and potentially even your soul mate. The Horoscope foretells that you will meet your loved one in a big company, so choose the light most often and do not hesitate to draw attention to yourself. Even if you're an ineradicable timid romantic and prefer gatherings on the roof with a bottle of good wine to electrifying body movements on the dance floor, still made an effort and go out into the outside world. On the roof no other person can be seen except for Carlson, who, as we recall, is a plump, irresponsible freeloader, absolutely not suitable for serious relationship.

In November, the Pisces will focus on career advancement. The representatives of this zodiac sign will go to the goal, released on an enemy like a torpedo, and can only be stopped by heavy weapons, which are not common everywhere in our offices. If you are told that in order to take the head of the department chair, you need to grow a sixth finger on your left hand, or to cross a penguin with a tiger, you will throw yourself at the mission without question. In late fall, the Pisces will try themselves in various fields, gathering pine cones and knowledge that will ultimately help them achieve the desired position. The Horoscope only encourages his proteges not to be heroics in vain and not to rush to build the pyramids alone. Gather around a team of competent professionals who can perform the most complex projects and not collapse the deal. In November, one in the field is really not a warrior, but rather a subtler cadet, so think about what you want to be in business. In this period, many Pisces stumble on their own softness and gentleness. You are ashamed to put pressure on partners, to talk sharply to suppliers and demand results from subordinates, but without it you will not only not move up the hill, but will also slide into a deep ravine. If you could make everyone happy all at once, then mankind would have figured out how to do it a long time ago. And if the best minds of the planet did not think of how to do it, then you are unlikely to remedy this omission within this one month. Do not forget that we are surrounded by predators that chase prey, not to stretch your bones and lose weight, but to overtake and have plenty to feast on. If the Pisces do not want to be in the role of a victim in a pounding game, then in the late fall, they need to widen the smile to their opponents, showing sharp teeth. In November 2015, only the brave and ruthless people can go wherever they want to, and no one will dare to intercede their way.


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