Horoscope for January 2015

Horoscope for January 2015 January is the month of new beginning, resolutions, goal setting and breaking commitments. It is a serious month when the Sun's runs into Aquarius, Capricorn and Pisces. There is a strong sense of purpose in January as you prepare to meet the obstacles that come in the New Year. When the New Moon opens on January 4th be ready for the ride of you life. You will find you have a new perspective on life and fresh wind in your sails.

You may have to deal with crises during the first half of January. Don't make any plans for a vacation or a climb to the top of the mountain. Your agenda will be full with relationship issues as well as career problems. Reassess you professional and personal relationships. Find ways to make them better. Venus is retrograding when January begins and delays my come up in connections. Watch out for rejections on loans.

Being highly emotional during January is not going to be good for your standing in the community. The New Moon on January 20th brings out a tendency for feeling edge and irritated. You may not want to discuss deeply personal issues at this time. However, these issues may not be avoided and your goal is to repair relationship problems. Don't blame others for your mistakes.

Awesome and bright ideas come easily during January when Mercury sifts in to Aquarius. On the 19th of January the Sun moves into Aquarius and new concepts pop up up in a brainstorming session. Connect with friends and colleagues and you will find greater productivity. Things you want to do are highly desirable this month. Make a list of where you are going and keep your eye on the big picture.

Take calculated risks during January. You have the strength to be ambitious and cautious at the same time. Consider bold actions that might seem difficult, but are probably safe and productive. Reality is sifting quickly and change is all around. January means change. Go with the flow and determine where you will be at the end of 2015. You may find you have a new home, new career, and a new family. If you are committed things will be better than ever.

Patience and persistence are the key words for January. There are repairs needed in working relationships and a need to regain trust. Build up you reputation by demonstrating your reliability. Be a team player. Seeking a different career is definitely in the cards during January, but don't do anything drastic until you totally assess the situation.


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