Horoscope for January 2015 for Taurus

Horoscope for January 2015 Taurus Taurus, On January 4th the Full Moon lights up Cancer and your house of communications and conversations. Your wonderful and soothing voice is more reassuring and you sing like a proverbial bird. You can comfort others with the way you say things. Quiet their nerves and assure them that all is well

Venus will be in her role as the Goddess of Love during January. She will dress up and run through Aquarius assigning interesting problems. Venus is your ruling planet so prepare yourself for a fun ride. Strange admirers will give you a run for your money and you will not be able to hold back. Good times for you.

Venus who is also the Goddess of Money spends January 3rd through the 27th in your house of career matters. She longs to bring you money so if you are looking for a new job with higher pay, now is the time to go after that goal. Get everything right and you will succeed.

You usually don't make scenes but in January feisty Mars will be in your house of groups and friendships and social happenings. You may not have a choice to stay away from social activities. You need to take credit for the things you do and if you have to ruffle your friend's feathers; so be it.

Not so good days in January Taurus include the 1st and the 3rd. You finished the last year with a hangover and you will be out of commission until the 3rd. Take time on the 15th and 16th to look in the mirror and see what changes need to be made to your appearance. You are not looking so well these days. The 18th will see you with a poor mark on your graded paper. This makes you so depressed that you cry for hours (inside.). Take heart for on the 19th of January things will get worse. Stay home on the 30th. The weather is awful and your car is acting funny.

Don't despair! Great days for you in January Taurus are the 4th and 5th. You feel perfectly splendid and have almost forgot the headaches and stomach upsets of the 1st through the 3rd. The 12th is a grand day. The sky is clear and you are on your way to the ski slopes. On the 22nd you present your paper to your mates with aplomb and it is awesome. The 23rd you continue to receive accolades and everything is awesome. On the 27th keep up the good work. Go out and celebrate but be careful that you don't over-indulge.


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