Horoscope for January 2015 for Capricorn

Horoscope for January 2015 Capricorn Capricorn, want to break your routine? January is the perfect month to do just that. Many planets will move in Aquarius to give you all the excuses you need to take your schedule and throw it away. Learn to delegate duties while you attend to the business of enjoying your life. January 1st through the 19th will be awesome to make spontaneous traveling or entertainments plans.

On January 4th the Full Moon will move into your house of relationships and the Moon asks you to make a commitment. The one you want is right in your house so there should be no problem. Settle down. Don't keep prowling around for candidates that will not fit your personality.

Financial starts in January are on tap as several planets move though Aquarius. On the 20th of January your house of personal money matters will be activated and you will become a highly successful self-employed person. Do your homework and determine what you need to do. Find a mentor.

January 3rd will produce an argument that will weigh heavy on your mind. If you have been simmering for a while with unspoken thoughts, the angrier you will become. You need to use all the goodness in your soul to excuse yourself from the situation. Calm down. Nothing is that urgent.

Remarkable days for you Capricorn include the 4th and 5th of January. Everything is coming up roses so to speak. Home is great, work is awesome and you are feeling on top of the world. On the 15th you speak at a conference and are given a standing ovation. On the 19th your work is getting finished and you know you are going to get that longed-for raise. On the 21st the weather breaks and it is beautiful. Go skiing on the 30th and enjoy a day off.

Evil days for you in January Capricorn include the 1st. Arguments are running through your home. No one wants to start the New Year, but they know they have to. You yell and scream and lose control. On the 3rd you get to work only to find that your desk has been moved without your permission. This makes you extremely angry and you turn red in the face. The 31st of January is one of the most challenging days of the year. After an awesome day off, you find that you did not have permission to take the day off. You are now written up, on-call, and may lose your promotion.


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