Horoscope for 2016

The year of 2016 will be driven by the Red Monkey, and that's an animal that won't leave any sign sitting in their seat. So what can you expect from an orchestra that is led by a long-tailed conductor? Why some polka, quadrilles and lambada, of course, but definitely no classy symphonies or boring tunes. All of the events this year will be marked with an increased dose of dynamism and unpredictability. In order to be successful in the following months, we'll have to run, jump and do a little tree climbing as well. Basically, the horoscope welcomes any activity, except for lying on the couch.

At the love front, the signs that are under the patronage of the Wind element are in for some great news. The Gemini, Libra and Aquarius signs will fly on the wings of love, opening a new world for themselves, and themselves to the rest of the world. Of course, everything won't be so carefree, as some true romantics might think: problems will occur, and so will fights and misunderstandings, but when all is said and done, everything is going to end splendidly. Some people might argue with our predictions: "My girlfriend left me\My mother-in-law came to visit\My dog got food poisoning, where is the happy ending that was promised to me?" Those people have to remember, that the events around them are changing from good to better, even if it doesn't always seem that way.

The Capricorn, Taurus and Virgo signs will prove to be the most resistant to the influence of the Monkey, in 2016. And it's not surprising, Earth is Earth, it's not afraid of floods or storms, however if an earthquake is to happen, it won't leave anyone untouched. If the apprentices of this element are going to change during the year after all, it will happen under the influence of their inner processes, and not because of the pressure of the outer world. A little meditation will serve the people well, giving them an opportunity to take a step or two forward, on the road of self-growth. It's always useful to think about your place in life and the content of your character, so don't hesitate to do so. The more depths you'll explore in your soul, the richer the treasure you'll find.

The Red Monkey will deal an equal amount of both carrots and sticks to those signs that live under the protection of the Water element. You are in for a set of challenges, which, according to the celestial bodies, are meant to push your consciousness to a higher level, but the likelihood of that happening depends entirely on each person individually. If you're planning to cling to your current view of the world and to cover your eyes with a blindfold, you won't make any advancement on your spiritual path. The horoscope advises us to remember, that even a small step on a rocky road is more valuable than standing still on the mountaintop. In the months to come, we are free to choose our own way, so let's open ourselves to something new and stop focusing on the old.

If the astrologists happen to see a small, energetic hurricane on their way in 2016, they'll try to carefully get out of its way, knowing, that it's a classical member of the Fire element. To make way for a Sagittarius, Aries or a Leo - is not a sign of cowardice, but rather a showing of respect to the neighboring constellation. Hundreds of plans, ideas and opportunities are waiting for the hot zingers in the coming months. They need to do and accomplish everything they set out to, so why get in their way? As for the lucky ones themselves, the horoscope suggests not to waste your flaming energy too eagerly, because there's always a chance of simply burning out. Considering what kind of power runs through this zodiac sign, the trio would be fools to give away their leadership to anyone else. The only way the Fire Children can lose their position is by negligence and unnecessary relaxation. Another factor that can get in your way, in the year of the Monkey, is getting too arrogant. Never divide the treasure, you haven't yet found, and don't open the champagne until everything is set in stone. It would be a huge blow, if you'd happen to find that the treasure map has led you to nowhere and the sparkling drink would pour into the cups of your opponents.

In 2016, success at work will be found by those people, which are burning with the true fire of enthusiasm and inspiration. If you're the type of person that is likely to analyze the mechanism down to its parts, or a contract down to every line, then congratulations: you are definitely going to find yourself on the winning side! If you failed to find yourselves among the winners by nature, then either look for something that you really enjoy doing, or just relax and prepare yourself for a calm, uneventful year. You always have a choice: even doing nothing is already a result of a thought-out decision. Don't become a slave of what society thinks or of the stereotypes that surround us. If you don't want to get pregnant, climb up the career ladder or to plant trees - don't do it! In 2016 your main goal shouldn't be mere survival, but to live these 12 months, being happy, free and joyful.

Horoscope for 2016:
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