Horoscope 2016 for Pisces

Horoscope 2016 for Pisces In 2016, the year of the Red Monkey, the Pisces will be the undisputed favorites of Lady Luck, so people that belong to the less fortunate zodiac signs, are advised to become friends with the skilled swimmers, that won't let a friend drown in a sea of life troubles. 2016 Horoscope for Pisces As for the Water children themselves, the horoscope advises not to ruin the painting of their own existence, by choosing a single color pattern. In the forthcoming period, you can't keep using the same paint over and over again, if fate has granted you and entire palette. Imagine that you've saved the life of a restaurant chain owner, and as a reward you could dine in the best establishments across town for free, for the rest of your life. If the Pisces would start to eat only vegetables, then they'd have no protein, which can be found in meat, and if our heroes would eat only deserts, then they'd hardly be able to get out of bed, in a few months. Now do you see how fatal can it be to throw all of your strength into either your career or personal life? Equally distribute your time and effort between the different aspects of your life, and you will win the war on all fronts!

The Pisces will spend the majority of 2016 in a quest for spiritual enlightenment. Summer time will prove to be especially filled with emotional experiences. You'll spend hours reevaluating your life decisions and reflecting on your past, however the result of this time of meditation is unknown. Some people will reach enlightenment and will rejoice from the fact that the world is a beautiful place, others will see it in a grimmer light and might fall into depression. The horoscope advises not to do this analysis, while stuck in a crowded office space, surrounded by yelling colleagues, because in that case the result is easily predictable, and it will not be a positive one. You'll come to the conclusion that your whole life was a mistake, and you will end up doing something so radical and crazy, that it will turn your pretty good life by 180 degrees. Don't get us wrong, we don't mind change, but it shouldn't come with a price of an emotional shock. In the year of the Red Monkey, it is best not to choose between the ice cold water and a boiling pot, because our nervous system isn't made of steel. It would be much better, if the Pisces would rethink their values somewhere up in the mountains, between the flowers, among the singing birds. The members of this sign need to create the best possible conditions for a positive outlook on reality, otherwise there will be no harmony for them.

The Red Monkey won't create any complications for you in your personal life. In the coming year, you will get what you deserve. In order to build a strong family fortress, the Pisces won't need a degree in engineering or psychology - they just need to evaluate their every decision from an elementary logical standpoint, and to not do anything that contradicts common sense. Think about what quality of marriage are we talking about, if you constantly keep forgetting about your family holidays & anniversaries, keep fighting over nonsense and don't spend any money on romantic getaways? Think about what your Significant Other wants and turn her little desires into reality, then the question of "all those wasted years" will never make it to the surface.

At the work front, in 2016, The Red Monkey will grant a rope to the Pisces, although it won't exactly tell you what to do with it: hang from it or go climbing. We hope that you're going to join the second group, and that, as a true optimist, you'll aim for never seen before career heights, if not - try to look at this from another way. Running around the office in panic won't solve any problems, but if you relax for a moment, drink a cup of coffee and organize a brainstorming session for your subordinates, then you'll be sure to find a solution. The horoscope warns the Pisces that this year will be full of unexpected plot twists and nervous situations. As soon as you'll fix all the errors in an important project, suddenly something new will come up, killing any chance of a triumphal outcome and rendering the bigger part of the work done useless. It'll be a time for the Pisces to stop demanding perfection from themselves, and to do their work halfheartedly. So what if the end result isn't good enough to ensure a secure old age and a golden pass to the higher ups? A triumph is a called a triumph for a reason and it doesn't happen every day, or even to every man. Thankfully, the Pisces are a sign that has no lack of victories or success. In 2016, the year of the Red Monkey, don't go chasing a prey you can't swallow, otherwise you risk being eaten by a bigger fish yourself!

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