Horoscope 2016 for Cancer

Horoscope 2016 for Cancer In the 2016 year of the Red Monkey, the Cancerians will have to learn multitasking and it will have to be something harder than to put on make-up, while stuck in traffic. Don't be afraid if at a certain moment you'll have too many duties, while the amount of arms, hours and salary will stay the same. 2016 Horoscope for Cancer While the stars in 2016 can't help you with the first two, the third one will definitely increase, if the needed amount of effort will be put in. As for the people that think that the world is demanding way too much from them, our horoscope advises to pretend to be a paratrooper that landed in the Sahara desert. If the soldier would just fall to the ground, unable to decide what to do first: cry, argue with the commanding officers, study the map, march to the rendezvous point or take a sip of the limited water supply, then he would probably remain laying there forever, cooked in his own clothes. Don't waste your time and do everything simultaneously! In 2016, the race of life will be won by a man who can run, while taking photographs, and making phone calls at the same time. If at some point you'll feel too sad and exhausted, just replace the water in your bottle with something more alcoholic, and life will seem better once more.

The love front will be a hot one for the majority of Cancerians in 2016. In the next 12 months, the members of this zodiac sign will spend hours blushing from their own thoughts and desires. And could it really be any other way, with all the pretty little butterflies flying around them, inviting the heroes & heroines of our horoscope for some sweet, fresh nectar? If you're single, then there's nothing wrong with having a taste of it: you'll thank the Red Monkey for the received romantic charge and for the newly discovered opportunity for personal happiness. And what if the hero in question is already married? To ignore a passing Beauty Queen is a crime against human nature, and to ignore the subsequent guilt is impossible due to our increased sensitivity. Being faithful in marriage, the children of Water consider even mere thoughts about having an affair with someone as a sign betrayal. The horoscope advises the Cancerians and their partners to treat possible signs of interest in someone else, with a calmer approach in 2016. The monkey is a kinky animal, that won't miss the opportunity to play a few dirty little games. If you caught yourself thinking playful thoughts, that usually wouldn't visit your mind, then don't doubt it for a second, it's all a part of the monkey's scheme. Considering its love for pranks and surprises, trust in your partner will be awarded the main role in this year's romantic relationships. If the Cancerian doesn't believe that his Significant Other is stuck at work, while his soul mate is quietly reading his phone messages behind his back, then their relationship isn't heading towards a happy ending. It doesn't take a lot to start a fight over nothing, and the Red Monkey will happily assist people in this easy task.

In your professional relationships, the careful, stoic character of the Cancerian will balance out the chaotic mindset of the Red Monkey, and humanity will receive an ideal duo as a result. Thanks to the dynamic progression of events, the member of this sign won't be stuck in the mud of routine and boredom, meanwhile common sense and a sober outlook on things won't allow him to make irreversible errors along the way. If you won't stop approaching each task with careful planning and analysis, then you'll make a tremendous leap career-wise, in the next 12 months. The Cancerian-bosses, that will agree to dedicate part of their strength and time to help their staff grow, will soon receive miracle-workers under their employment. The children of Water won't have to control their workers every few second anymore, after once hearing what they need to do, they will continue doing their job like an algorithm. If, on the other hand, your team suffers a loss after a loss, because its members are incompetent, the horoscope advises the Cancerians to think about this: in 99 out of a 100 cases it's not the finished statue that is bad, but the crooked hands of the sculptor. Instead of being greedy, share your experience & knowledge with your colleagues, because a winning mechanism doesn't consist only of a powerful engine, but of a whole variety of little parts, turning it into an unstoppable machine. If you want to race towards victory with a speed of a F1 car, you need to ensure that your vehicle is functioning without any mistakes. The year of 2016 is ready to give you the winner's trophy: all you need to do is to fly like a bullet to catch it!

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