Horoscope 2016 for Sagittarius

Horoscope 2016 for Sagittarius 2016 will prove to be a tournament between the fighters and the heavyweights for the Sagittarius. If you feel like a weak outsider in life, then sadly this year will prove to be a disappointment to you. 2016 Horoscope for Sagittarius The more aggressive and confident signs will effortlessly move you out of their way, leaving you the role of a passive bystander. The horoscope urges the Sagittarians not to be content with mere leftovers from the royal table, but to put together all of their strength, in order to win the right to sit among the strongest. If the world around you is filled with beefcakes, then off to the gym you go, unless you want to spend the Year of the Red Monkey giving your allowance money to the bullies. Our astrologists are sure that the Sagittarians will succeed, because the people born under this sign are known for their unbendable character and will power. Leave no room for despair and keep moving forward. Just because you're not feeling confident now, it doesn't mean that you won't believe in yourself in the future.

The love life of this sign will demand a certificate about being a professional mind reader or a psychic - since there's no other way of predicting the actions or reactions of your loved one. The Fire children are in for a long road, filled with obstacles, conflicts, jealousy and misunderstandings. You're going to be hurt more than once on the barbed wire of suspicions, while making your way through the swamp of misconceptions, until you reach the finish line. It's vital for the Sagittarians to remind themselves that the end goal of any relationship aren't the day to day competitions with their partner, but rather protecting each other's feelings from the corruption of time and outer world problems. Imagine what would happen if the museum guards, instead of constantly looking after the exhibits, would endlessly discuss who sat on whose chair and whose turn is it to lead an excursion? Exactly, most of the exhibits would probably be stolen or broken within an hour, while the insurance company would go broke. In 2016, spend more time giving your love to your Significant Other and less time solidifying your own ego.

As for the Sagittarians that have met the real deal on their romantic path, the horoscope advises them to relax and let the relationship evolve itself, whatever road it may take. The goddess of love, Venus, is also a woman, so she's entitled to some quirks and surprises, while we are left to endure and forgive all of her illogical actions. Do you remember the classical advice when arguing with a woman (lie down and pretend to be dead)? In the forthcoming months, this is the best strategy in any sort of conflict! Don't get angry, when feeling offended, because an unkind word or act may turn a beautiful romance into a dark cold cemetery.

On the work front, the Sagittarius will cross paths with a lot of complications and unpleasant incidents. The reassuring part is that you're going to face these problems in the rank of a general, no less. You'll feel on your own skin, how heavy the crown of a monarch really is. War is relatively easy for a private: just march on, eat some beans and go to sleep, meanwhile the commanding officers still have hundreds of problems to resolve: the supply line has been cut, the enemy position is closer than reported, and then there's the decision of what to do with the caught deserters. The Sagittarius will spend the entire 2016 executing commands, investigating, making decisions and acting. If you won't let your guard down and won't give into the temptation of sleeping an extra hour, you'll win all the office wars and will be promoted to a higher rank. Be especially careful with all the confidential and important information in your office. There are a lot of spies and traitors around everywhere, and a single extra word can spell failure to the entire operation. In the next 12 months, watch after every word you say, while carefully listening to everything around you, because information can leek both ways. It's quite possible that as a result of hearing an abrupt sentence or phrase, the Sagittarian will make some far going conclusions and receive a tremendous advantage, in the fight against his enemies. In the year of the Red Monkey, be ready to conquer new grounds, but also remember that in any war there are civilians, which should always remain untouched.

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