Horoscope 2016 for Virgo

Horoscope 2016 for Virgo In the year of the Red Monkey, the people born under the Virgo sign will begin a new stage of building their own personal happiness. 2016 Horoscope for Virgo You might be thinking that the minimal plan is already done: the tree is planted, the house is built and a son is being raised, but the stars will prove once again, that while a man can think whatever he wants, life still has the right to surprise us every once in a while. The highest risk should be around the second and third quarters of the year, so the horoscope advises the Earth children to dedicate a special amount of attention to the moods and wishes of your Significant Other. Even though most of the time your romance is protected from other people and outer threats by an unbreakable armor, during this period of time it will wear out, and become as fragile, as a glass dollhouse. As you rightly think, such a tender thing needs delicate care: you can't drop it, or use it as a nutcracker. The people that will manage to walk on the edge of the blade, without hurting themselves or their partners will preserve their current relationships, the only question will be: is this the right way to approach things? Feelings aren't a straight road heading into the horizon, but rather a circle, and while you may evade all the shards of broken glass the first time, you will encounter them again. Virgos that feel that the edges in their relationships have gotten way too sharp, are advised to leave their lover's nest and to look for a cozier interior. It would be quite foolish to spend your entire life in a smelly, dark room, complaining about your living arrangement, when there are so many bright and posh apartments to choose from! The members of this sign need to get rid of their fear of change, and release the branch they are so desperately clinging on to - that is the only way they can grab the next one and move to the neighboring tree. Of course, there's no guarantee that the new fruit is going to be in anyway better, but you always have the option to move forward and continue your search for happiness. In the end, you'll find the right tree and the Virgo will have her rightful happiness, even more so because in 2016 the goddess of love, Venus, will be so supporting of this sign, that only the dullest of people will be stupid enough to refuse you!

In the 2016 year of the Red Monkey, Virgos will have to deal with an escalation of their proprietary instincts. If there was a spouse protection agency (with the guardians being werewolves, no less) in our city, then the members of this suspicious sign would be their first and most loyal clients. In a perfect world, the werewolves should be horrifying and bloodlust enough, so that no playboys or floozies would even come close to your loved one. The horoscope advises the jealous ones to control their negative emotions and to keep complaints about their partners to the minimum. This is clearly the case of "the less you know, the better you sleep" Another vice that the Earth children will never admit to the people around them, in the forthcoming year, is arrogance. A lot of you may argue: "But I live for my family, work for my family, spend all of the weekends with my family!" Remember, arrogance is not only eating the last piece of candy, but also buying the candy, considering only your taste. If you're doing everything the way you're used to and are comfortable with, despite the desperate pleads of your family members to change the outdated algorithm, then there it is - pure arrogance. In the year of the Red Monkey, you need to work on yourself, or else Life will do a "job" on you and not in a pleasant way at all.

Career-wise the stars are promising an increase in productivity in the first three months of the year. A lot of Virgos, to their own surprise, will see their jobs from a new perspective and will be inspired by the previously unseen possibilities. Even those workers that spend most of their time drinking coffee or smoking cigars will feel an emotional boost. You'll aspire to do more and better than the others, and the icing on the cake is that you'll definitely be successful! Frankly, our horoscope advises the upper management around the world to fire 3 workers of any other signs, and to hire a single Virgo in their place, at the beginning of 2016. You can be sure that the members of the Earth element will handle the extra workload, without even a slightest drop in productivity. The work effort of the Virgo will undoubtedly be rewarded, and the size of the prize will be determined by the position they are occupying in the office hierarchy. If you're the founder, the CEO or an auctioneer of your company, then you'll be the one receiving the majority of the spoils. This year the Earth children will find a golden nugget under every stone they turn, so they'll definitely be delighted with their cooperation with the Red Monkey. If you're a regional manager or a project lead, then you're also in for huge financial success in the coming months. The horoscope foresees huge bonuses for the Virgo-managers. As for the regular staff, they won't be swimming in gold as the rest, but they still can fully expect a golden coin or two for their reward. Don't be disappointed, if the income in 2016 isn't as high as you'd like. It's just another sign that you need to climb even higher - towards new heights and profits!

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