Horoscope 2016 for Libra

Horoscope 2016 for Libra 2016 promises to be quite successful for the fun and ever-changing Libras. 2016 Horoscope for Libra The members of this sign and the Red Monkey aren't exactly best friends, but they are known to visit a party or two together. They aren't likely to go on a recon mission together, but they surely won't mind getting a bite to eat in each other's company. In the end, the Air children are in for a great time, however the horoscope advises them to be extremely careful, when spring comes around. Of course, the sweet music of spring, the little green buds on the trees can awaken the tenderest feelings inside your romantic soul, but you should still approach all relationships not only with an epilated bikini zone, but with a sober head as well. Sadly, in 2016, there's an increased risk of meeting a partner with a great bouquet, and we aren't talking about flowers right now. Libras are forbidden to forget about protection, or else they'll be stuck in STD clinics forever.

As a result of the increased sexual activity, the current relationships of the Libras may be in jeopardy. Would you cling to a partner that is constantly "busy at work" in the evenings, and yet smells like perfume mixed with alcohol? I think the hint is loud and clear. Despite the favor of Venus herself, you shouldn't bet on your feelings that were tested by time. If you just aren't capable of resisting the spring madness, you better be a master in disguising your love affairs, from both your SO and the all-knowing neighbors. The horoscope is sure that the Libras are capable of replacing a dozen of script writers, and will have more than enough fantasy to make up a completely believable story about how that lipstick stain found itself on the collar of your shirt. In the year of the Red Monkey, use your natural talent, in order to continue having peace under your own roof.

As soon as the spring fewer passes, the Libras will return to their roles of indecisive lovers. The Air children will be afraid of the mere thought of leaving their old partner and looking for a new one. Those couples that survived the hard period of affairs(both imaginable and real), won't need to overcome anymore difficulties. The rest of the year will flow to the beautiful music of you two love birds singing. In fact, the reality will be so picturesque, that a nearby painter will surely insist on captioning your happiness forever. The Libras will befriend a lot of other married couples, since there is no one like the members of this sign that can create such an atmosphere of romance and casual fun.

In the year of the Red Monkey, a lot of people will feel as if they are working at a bakery: cakes and muffins all around you, the seductive smell of freshly baked goods, sugar-covered fruit here and there, but if you'll take a single wrong step, you'll find yourself in a disaster of a bittersweet mess. Of course, you may argue that a pastry-cook isn't a plumber, and cream isn't you know what, but that won't be enough for the Libras. The Air children will become the subject to a ton of sucking up and sweet praising, however such an overwhelming amount of desert may cause an allergic reaction, so don't hurry to gobble up everything that is put in front of you. Approach the praise from your colleagues with suspicion, and treat the words of your subordinates with caution, since because of their desire to get a bonus, they'd be happy to praise you, dress you up as a god and sacrifice a cat in your honor.

In their relationships with their equals (but not loved ones), the Libras will prefer to keep peace even if it's a poor one, which is still better than a good fight. The horoscope is fully supportive of this approach. The maximum of your unkindness, in 2016, should be a cold war, and not an open battle. A feud taken out to the public will damage the authority of the Air children themselves and not their opponents. Your colleagues are not likely to support or defend you against a storm of accusations from your enemies. They are more likely to hide behind the corner and place bets on the winner of the argument. If you don't want to end up in a role of a gladiator, meant to entertain the crowd, keep making a straight face and you'll have a chance to finish the game on your terms!

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