Horoscope 2016 for Taurus

Horoscope 2016 for Taurus 2016 promises to bring a lot of interesting events and memorable moments into the lives of the Taureans, if the Earth children will be ready for the upcoming changes. 2016 Horoscope for Taurus The patron of the 2016 year, the Monkey - is an energetic, agile animal, so the horoscope advises us to take action as soon as possible, in order to conquer the mountain of existence. The Universe will smile upon all activities, if they have a connection to the word "growth". It doesn't matter if you grew some muscles in the gym, or was it career growth - both accomplishments are equally great! The Taureans are forbidden to grow only 2 things: fat on their belly and their ego (also the law forbids you of growing your own weed, but that's a question that the astrologists have nothing to do with). We admit that the Monkey itself isn't known for being shy and modest, but if you'll add even more arrogance to its splurge, it'll be overwhelming. The Taureans that'll decide to just hide and sleep under their blankets for the next 12 months will face a strong resistance from fate itself.

The patron of 2016, the Monkey, is widely known for standing up against laziness and inactivity, so if you'll decide to be a sloth, you shall feel its wrath: your apartment might get flooded, the mice might eat all of your food, or a passing hurricane may sweep your bedroom from the face of our planet. This kind of madness will continue until the angered Taurean won't get out of his pajamas and face the obstacles like a man.

During the Red Monkey's reign, the horoscope predicts complications in personal relationships for the Earth children. It will especially be noticeable in their relationships with friends and colleagues. It doesn't matter to which zodiac sign the other person belongs to, if you're a Taurean - expect misunderstandings and conflict. 2016 is the perfect time to remind ourselves that the world isn't divided into black & white, into sinners & saints, that the world isn't even divided into men & women anymore, so approach each situation with a fresh perspective, neglecting your possible bad experience. If after every fight, you'll keep crossing out people from your list of friends, you'll soon find yourself completely alone. Imagine that you're a hairdresser. If you're going to do the same haircut for all of your clients, justifying it by saying that it's the one you do best and there's no risk to cut something that shouldn't be cut, you would undoubtedly go out of business soon. Everyone is unique, that's why we're upset about completely different things. If the Taureans will learn to look at issues from different point of views, when communicating, then in 90 out of a 100 cases conflict will be avoided.

In 2016, the Universe will grant us a magical eraser, with which we can make everything that gets in the way of our happy life disappear. Don't like your arrogant boss - move his last name to the list of former employers! You spend your days hating your boring, monotonous job? Send out a couple of resumes! Want to be amazed by the size of a paycheck? Get hired as an accountant, and twice a month you'll keep "wowing", while transferring your manager's salary to his credit card.

The horoscope advices the Taureans to remember one thing: changes will pour into their lives, only if they work hard for them. Lady Luck won't forget the way to your doorstep, but she won't go any further, if you aren't ready for her. If you bothered to prepare a feast for her arrival, she will reward you with all the riches in the world, but if you spent your time lying on the bed, all you'll get is punishment for your laziness.

In 2016, a lot of Taureans will feel that the situation is on the verge of getting out of control, and that their career is taking them into an unknown direction. The horoscope advises the people born under this sign to avoid panicking, and to leave the defense mechanism against everything "new" off. The forthcoming period is a positive one, so just believe that everything that is happening is just a minor setback before reaching the lands of Eldorado. If you won't cling to the already conquered grounds, soon you will be presented with new, never seen before, horizons. In the year of the Monkey, you must always count on something good happening, and always remain ready to reach a helping hand to the people around you. In the end, it isn't the nuclear weapons that are going to save the world, but human kindness.

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