Horoscope 2016 for Aquarius

Horoscope 2016 for Aquarius In 2016, the year of the Red Monkey, you will have to throw away your sublime dreams and to dive headfirst into a sea of projects, assignments and deadlines. 2016 Horoscope for Aquarius We understand that there's little fun in such a prediction, but just think of the opportunities that will open up in front of the Aquarius! Those members of this sign, that will manage to silence their desire to just lie on the couch, will be endorsed with a variety of goods, starting with caviar and ending with brand new designer shoes. Although, don't forget that while you are working in the name of your country, you shouldn't overlook your domestic duties, or your neglected family might gather together one day and force you to sit through an Intervention. Restrain yourself from complaining or blaming it on your family's shortsightedness. Accusing them in inability to see your virtuous work efforts isn't the right direction to go in this situation. Believe us, the complications on the friends & family front won't begin because you're coming home late or rarely seeing your old buddies, but rather because your behavior started to strike the surrounding people as unacceptable. The horoscope can't tell for sure which character trait of the Aquarius will be the problem in 2016, since the answer differs from person to person and demands an in-depth analysis from every individual member of this zodiac sign. Run a short survey among your acquaintances and it'll be easy to find your weak spot. Maybe your Significant Other is annoyed by your habit of barging in, in the middle of the night, with a parade of drunken buddies, or your friends hate your monologues about the advantages one brand of alcohol has over another? If you found more than one vice, you'll have to work on all of them. When it comes to human character traits, two flaws don't make a virtue. You'll never hear someone saying: "Yes, George may be an alcoholic, but he's a smoker too, so it evens out in the end!"

In the forthcoming period, the Aquarius will find the perfect life balance. Alas, the members of this sign won't find it in any bit acceptable. It's a part of human nature to demand everything immediately, and with that in mind, what does the year of the Red Monkey have to offer? If you'll have chaos at work, with your boss yelling at you and your colleagues behaving like madmen, then at the home front everything will be as calm, as the sunset sea, with a nice dinner on the table and your loving SO in your arms, on the other hand, if the office will bring you bonuses and generous clients, then you are in for a storm at home. This is something that our horoscope really can't help you with. If the stars decided to write such a chapter for the Air children, then you'll just have to suffer through it. Live on and be happy about the fact that Fate didn't decide to screw you up in both aspects of your life.

In 2016, it would serve the Aquarius well to grow an extra pair of hands, so they could talk on 2 phones simultaneously, while writing emails to business partners and taking a sip of coffee from time to time. The Year of the Red Monkey will prove to be a complicated one, but don't be a grump about it and remember, that the most delicious meals come from the most complex recipes. The horoscope advises the amateur Aquarius-chefs to gather all of the patience and restraint possible. You may mix up the ingredients a couple of times, or start a fire, while cooking a pie, but in the end, the Air children will learn to "feel" the process and will become masters of their craft. In 2016, don't be afraid to make mistakes and fall down; just remember to get right back up to your feet and repair the damage. Talent is important, there's no arguing with that, but right now stubbornness and bravery aren't any less valuable for the Aquarius.

The Aquarius-bosses will have to become the Big Brother for their employees, in the next 12 months. If the members of this sign want to see their team among the best, they will have to constantly train and discipline their soldiers. As for the bosses who will prove to be too lazy to "waste" their time on their workers, they won't be expecting any star results or victories. A man can jump higher than his head only if he's given a pole and taught how to use it first. If you don't show your subordinates how to effectively use their opportunities, then the maximum of what they'll think of themselves is becoming a gondolier, and swimming through the dirty waters, while earning minimum wage. In the year of the Red Monkey, be sure to improve your employees, and don't be afraid of competitiveness from their side - keep improving yourself and your throne will be safe from any games!

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