Horoscope for December 2016 for Scorpio

Horoscope for December 2016 Scorpio The most impulsive and energetic zodiac sign can expect in December a lot of interesting moments and important events. At this point Scorpio representatives are reviewing their priorities both in work and personal life, and are planning to get engaged in self-development. It is quite likely that people born under this sign will enroll in a course of personal development and self-improvement, and start to learn new languages or try themselves in some other area, unknown to them before. This month promises to be the most successful for Scorpio representatives. At this point they can do anything, even if it's something they didn't have guts for before. This is the time when Lady Fortune is quite favourable towards this zodiac sign representatives and provides all the opportunities to fulfil their dreams. Scorpio representatives will be able to find support in important and powerful people in order to deal with some serious work related issues. Feelings and emotions will be reaching their limit, so it is crucial to hit the brakes at some point, if you do not wish to screw things up. Stars will provide you with the opportunity to renew your old contacts, that will be quite useful in solving business related issues.

The personal life of Scorpio representatives will make them face certain problems. Strained relations with your better half will be the result of lack of attention or secrets between partners. Your beloved one will feel a loss of interest from your end, that will hurt their feelings and force them to break up with you. If Scorpio representatives will still have warm feelings towards their better half, it will be possible to revive relations by making some effort in that direction; if the deep feeling of love has died out, and instead there is only affection left, it will probably be a lot easier to agree on a break. Married Scorpio representatives, on the other hand, will be enjoying their quiet and peaceful life. Children will make you proud with their achievements in studying and good behaviour. Your spouse will not bother you with some dull routine, and will easily overlook some minor flaws of their Scorpio-husband or wife. You can lay aside all fears related to health at this point. Though stars do recommend to pay attention to your stomach and intestines, try not to overeat and avoid junk food.

The first decade of the month will put you at risk of losing a significant amount of money due to reckless actions. Scorpio representatives may fall for the bait of swindlers, or simply gamble away. During this period stars suggest you to refrain from shopping, since purchases will disappoint you rather quickly.

The second decade of the month suggests you to focus on resolving conflict situations with colleagues at work and with your beloved ones in personal life. Without correcting the errors and smoothing things out, Scorpio representatives are putting themselves at risk of staying completely alone. Stars recommend Scorpio representatives holding high-ranking positions to pay special attention to what their subordinates have to say. Perhaps, this will turn out to be a rather valuable source of information, that will help you improve your business.

The third decade will be marked for many motivated and hardworking Scorpio representatives by a promotion and appointment to the long-awaited position. All efforts will be finally rewarded. At the end of the month the representatives of this zodiac sign should try to pay off all their debts; otherwise, they are putting themselves at risk of getting stuck with new ones, and then a string of financial problems will meet no end. New Year's holidays promise to be for Scorpio representatives, being a big fan of having a real blast anytime and anywhere, loud and fun. Festive competitions and quizzes will help Scorpio representatives to show off their talents and will give them a chance to impress others. Despite the abundance of delicious food, there's no need to overeat since there is a great risk of gaining extra weight.


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