Horoscope for December 2016 for Sagittarius

Horoscope for December 2016 Sagittarius December promises to be for Sagittarius representatives an exciting and promising month. Of course, stars won't leave out a bunch of problems "assigned" to the representatives of this zodiac sign, but this time there will be a considerably smaller amount of them than usually. Professional growth promises to be rather successful; any task that Sagittarius representatives decide to take on, will be destined to bring significant success. This month might force you to solve business issues with important people, though all negotiations will yield positive results and will end in mutually beneficial cooperation. Stars are rather favourable towards this zodiac sign at this point, so it is crucial to resolve all unfinished business, and meet the upcoming holidays with clear consciences. It is quite unlikely that in the nearest future stars are going to provide you with another equally good opportunity to prove your worth. Your personal life, unfortunately, will present you with some unpleasant surprises. At this point, Sagittarius representatives are at the peak of their activity, that's why their work and creative projects will be their top priority, and their personal life will take a back seat, which will, of course, affect their relations with family and close friends. Everything will start falling into its place once again by the end of the month.

The first decade of December will bring Sagittarius representatives lots of interesting job offers. It is quite likely that an employee of this zodiac sign, that is stuck in one place for a while now, will be finally noticed and offered to hold a more important position. Your second half is not going to wait for changes, hoping to receive from you at least a tiny drop of attention, and will prefer to plunge into their own world. That's why, there's no need for Sagittarius representatives to act surprised when they notice that their partner suddenly became estranged, and started spending time without them. The financial aspect of your life will bring you the joy of stability and prosperity.

The second decade of the month is the time to close all ongoing projects and engage in personal life. At this point all the attention of Sagittarius representatives is drawn to their family, they require warmth and understanding. Though your previous mistakes are in the way and prevent you from enjoying peace and harmony in a family circle, since at first you need to earn your forgiveness and try to explain your situation at work. Lovely pleasant gifts will melt the hearts of your beloved ones. Disappointed with their previous relationships, Sagittarius representatives will start realizing their own fault and mistakes, but they are quite unlikely to try and get back their better half. Their personal life will rather be paused. At this point, the representatives of the Fire sign will try to escape from themselves, taking up a hobby or plunging into sports. Many of them will want to see their old friends and open up to them.

The third decade of the last month of the year promises to please Sagittarius representatives with a significant cash bonus. This is the time to pamper yourself, change your usual looks, visit a beauty salon, purchase an extravagant outfit or jewellery, taste fine cuisine, etc. At the end of the month people born under this sign will be able to look back and analyse all the important events of the year. Perhaps, there will be some regrets, or you will have to give up something, but there will be definitely something that will make you proud. New Year's holidays, most likely, will not go as planned. Everything will happen spontaneously and unexpectedly, which may be caused by a sudden visit of unexpected guests. However, this will only add enthusiasm and fun to the festive atmosphere.


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