Horoscope for October 2016 for Capricorn

Horoscope for October 2016 Capricorn October of 2016 promises to be for Capricorn representatives a month full of tough questions, the answers to which will be not easy to find. Stars predict that this month the representatives of this zodiac sign for many reasons might not be very objective, so not all their decisions will be right. That's why this month there's no need to plan significant events that could have an effect on your future. Why is this happening? All the troubles and worries will be caused by the presence of people you let too close to yourself. Take a closer look at people around you, especially at those who are rather intrusive and appeared in your circle rather suddenly. It is better to abandon this "false friendship". It is quite hard for Capricorn representatives to find true followers among a large number of colleagues, although you usually are the link to this chain, and do everything to avoid its decay. This places a great responsibility on Capricorn representatives, they are always ready to take a quite active part in the fates of people slightly familiar to them.

October of 2016 cannot be considered unsuccessful concerning the financial aspect of life. All projects that Capricorn representatives did not have time for earlier this year and in the summer, will be round up at the end of autumn. And the end of the month might turn out to be a lot more productive than the whole previous period. You will undoubtedly unfold all your hidden talents and show the world that you are more than worthy of respect and even imitation. Your home is a full cup, there are always a lot of guests, so why not let it be the way it is? Stars predict a long exciting journey, so do not miss this incredible chance. The trip can bring you a lot of surprises, including new friends and acquaintances that will continue to be very helpful in all your professional activities. Perhaps they will even finance your new projects.

October of 2016 predicts fundamental changes in personal lives of many married Capricorn couples. It is crucial to learn to tolerate all the changes, and most importantly to keep quiet even when it seems impossible. This will test the strength of your marriage. But if your feelings are strong, no difficulties will interfere with your family happiness. Otherwise, you will find yourself utterly alone. There's no need to escalate this rather complicated situation, it is quite likely that there is still a way to fix everything. If your significant other lives apart from you, and you are not bind by official relations, there's no need to rush into wedding proposals; you can easily postpone it till the end of the year.


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