Horoscope for May 2016 for Cancer

Horoscope for May 2016 Cancer In May, the stars are advising Cancers shift attention to family matters and to actively participate in solving common problems of your family. Do not forget: your home, only then can become your strength if it will prevail peace and quiet moral atmosphere! Moreover, which the success of many of your affairs this month will largely depend on whether you will have timely help and support your family and friends. In May, Cancers should not expect manna from heaven. Small your desires can be fulfilled without much effort on their part, but the realization of large plans may be in question if Cancers be unable to overcome significant obstacles encountered in their way. But even if some scheduled for this month plans to realize you cannot, do not worry - it will be a sign of fate that the cause for which you have taken, not as useful to you as you think. So do not grieve you need in business task of failure, and draw the right conclusions and correct your own goals and plans, and even revise the outlook on life.

In May, Cancers should think twice before making new loving relationship with unfamiliar person. This month, your vaunted intuition can lead you, and you, charmed attractive appearance, not even try to discern the true nature of man. Remember the saying: Not all is not gold that glitters, and try to draw conclusions about people not on the basis of your appearance or ability to speak beautifully, but only on the basis of your actions - it will protect you from failures and love drama! For family Cancers May more successful than for singles. If you pay at least some attention to establishing rapport with your soul mate, you can make your relationship more harmonious and emotional. And if you feel that the last time in your family life there are too many conflicts, try together with a partner to identify and neutralize the root cause of frequent conflicts - you certainly will succeed!

May 2016 will be profitable for most Cancer month. Perhaps a sudden injection of large funds, the Leo's share of which will be spent on Cancers of loved ones, buy them something about what they have long dreamed of. This month, the key to solving many of the problems associated with work and career, will be to establish new partnerships Cancers links that will eventually be sure to Develop into a prospective business relationship. Very undesirable to for you this month cheat and go to any dishonest acts. Do not risk your reputation if you really want your business partners want to do business with you, and more! Aiming for a career vertices, do not look for the easy way and remember that patience and a little effort. May is a favorable month for creative endeavors Cancers. Creative imagination, ingenuity and creativity - then even the hardest work you will be on the shoulder.


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