Horoscope for May 2016 for Capricorn

Horoscope for May 2016 Capricorn In May, the main motive of conduct Capricorns will be gaining personal independence of people and circumstances. In order to become self-sufficient and no one could depend, Capricorns willing to sacrifice a great deal, including personal relationships. But this does not mean the Capricorns will interfere with others or refuse to communicate with a loved one. Simply, they will install an invisible distance between yourself and others, and will not allow anyone to interfere in their affairs. Both at work and in family relationships, Capricorns will tend to be high individualism, bordering on selfishness, so their loved ones can be difficult to find a common language with them. Although your desire to freedom and independence will surely bring good results, in particular, will teach you to be more serious and responsible, yet try not to hurt their loved ones over sharpness, rigidity and authoritarianism. Remember to spoil relations always easy, but to restore is a lot harder!

This month Capricorns will not be prone to rapid expression of feelings and emotions, and their relationship to the loved one will be smooth and quiet. You could even say will be configured to consume more love, attention and care than to give them. However, your loved one on you for it did not take offense and even be happy to show you how much he loves you. But with all this, do not forget to at least be thankful. If your partner does not get you any emotional impact for your good attitude to you, he may decide that you are tired, and from that moment your relationship will be under great threat! So do not risk your personal happiness and do not skimp on the identification of love and gratitude. Your loved one will be very grateful to you for all of the kind words that you hear! Lonely Capricorns can be advised to behave a little easier, not to scare away potential crush your impregnable view.

Maybe your work available vacancy, which you have long dreamed of, and that you will offer her superiors to take. But for this you should try to be always on the mind and refuse to take responsibility if circumstances require! And another thing: try to maintain and strengthen good relations with colleagues, even if clearly will see that some of them belong to you with ill-concealed malevolence. If you can show the wonders of diplomacy and turn enemies into friends, then soon it will stand you in very good stead. Do not forget: this month you lay the foundation for their future financial well-being!


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