Horoscope for November 2016 for Aquarius

Horoscope for November 2016 Aquarius November of 2016 will turn out to be for Aquarius representatives the month of making plans for the future and laying the foundation for promising business projects. The representatives of this zodiac sign will be filled with enthusiasm and life energy. And it's not surprising, since they have been stuck with dull work for so long, that at this point they have an unbearable desire to bring fundamental changes to their lives and pursue career development. And Lady Fortune will be quite favourable towards all their projects. Stars recommend you to take up advanced courses or get a second degree. This will undoubtedly have a positive effect on the future of Aquarius representatives, and will bring success in their professional growth, will grant an opportunity to get a promotion. However, career development won't go quite the way you would like to; you will want to do something meaningful and demonstrate your skills, but stars won't give you such a possibility yet. It is crucial to be a bit patient at this point, and there's definitely no need to rush forward; otherwise, you are putting yourself at risk of worsening your relations with superiors and colleagues. Stars recommend you to relax and switch to a favourite hobby. If you don't have one at the moment, try to find something that makes you happy. This month will force Aquarius representatives to change their single status, most of them will strive for stability, and might decide to finally get married. Male representatives of this zodiac sign will propose to their better half, and female representatives will keep on dropping hints to their partner that it is time to take their relations to a whole new level. Either way, success will shine upon personal lives of Aquarius representatives. Married Aquarius representatives will devote all their free time to their friends and relatives.

The first decade of the month is quite favourable for professional activities. This period will help you solve all finance related issues. A considerable amount of money is expected to be added to your total income, which will help you spend enough to make your family and yourself rather happy. You will get a chance to please your beloved ones with gifts, spend weekends together exactly where you wanted to for so long.

The second decade of the month will force all personal relations to take a back seat. Aquarius representatives will plunge into work. Stars will bestow upon you a significant opportunity of sealing a promising deal. Naturally business-like Aquarius representatives will try to grab onto this chance. However, stars warn that people born under this sign won't have an opportunity to enjoy their striking success for long. Old problems will rush into your life once again. Stars do not recommend female-Aquarius to make spontaneous, unplanned purchases, especially, buying daring outfits bought in a moment of weakness, it is quite likely that they won't need them in future.

The third decade of November will bestow upon Aquarius representatives a long-waited feeling that the work that took all their time and energy has finally started to yield some results. In a burning desire to finish the job as soon as possible, you will frantically take up on every possible task at once, which will result in making gross errors that will affect the future course of work. The last decade will be rather tough for people in love; quarrels and complete misunderstandings are expected. Stars predict an occurrence of an event that will hardly have any reasonable explanation leading to considerable worries and disturbance. Though everything will get resolved soon enough, and the month will end quite well.


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