Horoscope for March 2016 for Sagittarius

Horoscope for March 2016 Sagittarius In March, For Sagittarius it is desirable to slow down a little to temper your business fervor and learn to distinguish insurmountable obstacles from insurmountable. It is desirable that this month Sagittarians avoid litigation and conflict with the legislative structures, otherwise no problems rob. Sagittarius is best to pay attention to your personal affairs and to normalize relations with loved ones - is very appropriate time to resolve conflicts with friends and business partners. In March, Sagittarius to feel comfortable and confident, will just need to know that people like to close them, need them and are ready to support with any difficulties. Therefore, Sagittarians will try to cleverly circumvent any conflict and sacrifice your self-interests rather than the will argue and find out relations with those who truly love. In March, you have to significantly strengthen intuition and imagination. Trust the voice of the heart, but do not confuse dreams with reality!

Unwillingness to quarrel with a loved one can make Sagittarius in November too loyal and compliant. But it is, oddly enough, not only will not help them avoid conflicts on may even provoke them. The more you hold back emotions and hoard a negativity, not wanting to insult splashes out on a loved one, the sooner he will feel that you do something wrong, and eventually may suspect that you want to move away from it or something hiding something. The problems in the relationship you do not have to go - the problem to be solved, but remember that a calm, constructive dialogue is very different from teguments in a raised voice! For single Sagittarius in March there is a risk to Develop a relationship based on a feeling of love, and compassion. If you start this month to meet with a man just because you are uncomfortable will hurt your categorical refusal, then will blame yourselves for your problems!

In March, a great success can ignore the Sagittarius only because they will be afraid to take risks and too lazy to overcome obstacles. Preferring to have a small, but steady income, you will not chase the big money and fast, if they are received you will be required to take the risk position or reputation. Acting on the principle of better to have a bird in the hand than two in the bush, you are, of course, insure yourself from unpleasant surprises, but, on the other hand, do not forget that nothing ventured, which does not drink champagne! In financial matters Sagittarius should be more to listen to others and try not to make radical decisions on your own, because in this month the business intuition Sagittarius can give a serious crash. Sagittarians who dream start to earn more, or should finally ask the bosses pay raises, or immediately to seek additional means of income - they must be lucky.


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