Horoscope for March 2012

Horoscope for March 2012 Moods are improving and overall, attitudes seem to be getting better and more positive. Good luck and good fortune seem to follow most signs around this month, like puppies on a string. Things tend to go smoothly now and particularly during the first three weeks of the month good luck will bless most signs regardless of extenuating circumstances and small, day to day troubles. With three full weeks of positive energy flowing through the zodiac, this is a great time for those seeking to get much done in little time to move forward with new projects and plans. Long term plans begun at this time, as well as investment strategies will pay off in the weeks and months to come.

Toward the end of the month there will be a general slowing down of activity, perhaps even a tendency toward out and out inactivity. This is to be expected, considering the hectic pace experienced in the month's opening weeks. Now is the time to kick back and recharge your batteries. Prepare for the challenges which wait further along the road. There's no shame in living life at a slower pace for a while. Use the time to plan your future and decide which direction you really wish to go at this time.

You can expect minor delays and inconveniences around the middle of the month, particularly with regard to mundane, day-to-day activities. If you're waiting for some sort of delivery, you can expect it to take longer than it might under other circumstances. Try to not be impatient at these delays. Instead, plan little activities you can accomplish while waiting. Use the down time to your advantage.

In the work place, you'll find these delays a real bother, but again, if you are just patient and plan for their inevitability, you'll find that things work out just fine in the end. Deadlines will eventually be met and both buyers and sellers will be satisfied with the end results.

Romance may be a bit slow in developing this month, but it will develop eventually. Though probably not as fast as most would like to see it happen. Once things do get moving, however, they move so fast as to make it difficult for many to keep up. This holds especially true during the second week of the month. Good luck holding on once the wheels really begin to spin!

Also toward the center of the month, some may be called upon to defend either their own actions or the actions of their company. This could be a stressful time for many. Your best bet will be to go into any situation completely prepared. This will not be the time to "wing it" when it comes to speaking in front of groups. Have your ducks in a row and know the issues you will address before stepping up to the lectern. You should conduct yourself with the utmost decorum and dignity throughout the proceedings and not allow the situation to devolve into an emotionally charged mud-fest. Keep things above board at all times.

This month favors those who are capable of making quick decisions and then acting upon those decisions without a moment's hesitation. It's going to be a tough month for those set in their ways and unable to adapt to changing times. This is particularly true in the financial arena. If you're going to succeed this month, you're going to have to be willing to play "fast and loose" with regard to planning.

Home and family become more important than previously this month. You need a strong foundation in order to assure your success in the world at large.

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