Horoscope for March 2012 for Virgo

Horoscope for March 2012 Virgo You're still caught up in one of the most active social periods you'll experience this year. With your dance card this full, it sometimes seems you have little time to commit to anyone or anything. Though you feel completely secure in your relationships, perhaps it's time to devote a few quality hours to those who are most important to you before you find yourself standing alone and wondering just what the heck happened. Do your best to minister to the needs of those around you while still taking care of your own concerns. Things are moving fast on the work front and it is possible that in your rush to move ahead you have offended someone important. Review your words of the past few weeks and make amends if need be. You have the strength to tackle any situation that comes your way now.

You may have been considering some major changes for your personal life, or even work life, lately. If so, now may be the time to implement those changes and move ahead with your plans. Though not exactly going through the roof, your personal energy is plenty strong now to take on the challenges these changes will likely entail. Though your self-confidence is ebbing now, a little success along these lines will bring you back into a positive way of thinking. Decide what you want, and go for it.

Part of the reason you're not feeling all that good about yourself now is you've let yourself go just a bit, particularly with regard to your physical appearance. Body image is very important to you and you're just not at your best. Though you may not be happy about the idea of thrice-weekly visits to the gym, that's the sort of thing it is going to take to get yourself back into fighting trim. Likewise, diet should be one of your focal points in the weeks ahead. Dump the junk food and start hitting the health food stores! It won't be easy at first, but in the end you will be so, so glad you did!

Though you love home and hearth, both of those things are going to have to take a back seat later this month as you put in the extra effort at work in an attempt to move up the ladder. Don't worry; those you love (and who love you) will understand you're doing this for the good of the whole family. There's no shame in chasing your goals and going after the things you really want.

Later in the month, you may find that the hectic pace is having an adverse affect on your overall health. This is nothing serious, but should be tended to anyway, before it becomes serious. Though your own health will improve with minimal attention, it is possible that someone close to you will not fare so well. In short, you could be looking at the loss of a loved one or someone close to you. Your inner strength will come into play now and be a balm not only to yourself, but to those around you who are sharing your sadness.

Death also figures prominently in your dream life now, though it's possible this is only your conscious mind transferring random thoughts and images into your sleeping world.

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