Horoscope for March 2012 for Aries

Horoscope for March 2012 Aries The planets are now enhancing your personal power and sense of independence at this time and you've never felt stronger or more sure of yourself. Your ability to make wise decisions and handle difficult challenges works to your benefit in the days ahead. You find you're suddenly able to come to wise decisions with regard to building the happy, secure life you have for so long imagined. You not only have the inner strength to make this happen, but the support network in place to help you along the road to success.

Change rules the day throughout much of the month and the upper hemisphere of your chart is particularly active. Your career goals not only are myriad, but within your grasp. You will find yourself focusing almost exclusively on your career, particularly after the third week of the month. In fact, it may seem that little else in your life holds any importance whatsoever. This will not last long, however, and things will eventually return to a more or less even keel.

Your family becomes increasingly important to you as the month progresses. You may find yourself having to devote larger and larger amounts of time to dealing with domestic issues and sticky emotional situations. You will no doubt have your hands full with these matters for several days. However, your efforts will not go unrewarded. In the end, it turns out you were exactly the right arbiter to deal with the situation and the problem will be resolved to everyone's satisfaction.

There may be a bit of an upset within your own emotional apple cart as well. You find you have a bit of a difficult time dealing with the maintenance of harmony between your emotional, spiritual and physical natures at this time. The best you can do now is to visualize your life as you would like it to be, and then do everything in your power to move steadily toward that goal. Don't rush, but be inexorable.

Your spirituality also figures prominently in your life this month. Keep and open mind when discussing new concepts and ideas with others who may think differently than you do. You'll be amazed at the discoveries waiting for you just around the bend. Late in the month it is possible that you will discover answers to great questions which have bothered you for years. Be ready to receive some serious enlightenment now.

At the same time your theological muscles are getting a workout, you conversely feel the need to take part in enjoyable pleasures of the flesh, possibly to excess. You must guard against going overboard when it comes to physical enjoyment now. The tendency toward indulgence is great.

Be on guard that you don't act in a childish manner should you find yourself in an uncomfortable social situation. On the other hand, don't bother putting on "airs" of maturity and sophistication with which you are not entirely comfortable. Just be yourself, but maybe tone it down a bit if you find yourself in mixed company.

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