Horoscope for March 2012 for Pisces

Horoscope for March 2012 Pisces It is possible that you will achieve great things this month, though not in the areas of family, friends or romance. Mercury is entering retrograde around the 15th of the month and you'll have to be particularly patient with family members, particularly the children in your life. This doesn't mean that things need fall apart, however. So long as you maintain a certain level of dignity and fairness, you'll probably be able to handle any domestic issue which comes your way. In fact, if you take the high road and refuse to become embroiled in the argument, chances are good that it will work itself out with no further intervention. Major decisions regarding your domestic status should be shelved unless they're made prior to the 15th. After that, chances are you'll be acting on faulty data.

Others have a difficult time figuring you out this month; this is especially true of spouses, significant others, and lovers. Though you're giving off a very attractive vibe at the moment, it is one that most people-particularly those closest to you-can't figure out at all. Others may be attracted to you, but they don't really understand why. Though you're enjoying the attention, if you're not careful this situation could easily complicate your sex life and your overall social situation. You should do what you can to stay true to your purer ideals. It's tempting to give in to the "heat of the moment," but this is probably something you should avoid for the time being. Don't rail against your own moral core.

You are surrounded this month by a mystical, spiritual aura that has you all but glowing with confidence, but also makes you something of an enigma. Others, particularly in the work place, are having a tough time figuring out exactly where you could best serve the company. This can work to your advantage or disadvantage, depending on the situation. If you work in the creative realm-film, art, literature-this enigmatic persona is seen as a great attribute and may draw backers to you. If you're more of a "steady Eddie" worker, higher ups may not know what to do with you and may ever fear you're too "spacey" to carry out your daily assignments.

You always manage to look good, but now it's time for you to take a look at your inner health and beauty. You've been letting your physical well being slip for a while now and it is time to take the bull by the horns and shake that old body back into shape. If you start a new exercise regimen, you will see and feel immediate results!

Your finances are rolling along smoothly and you find that despite little effort on your part, dividends are beginning to roll in from previous investments. You may be tempted now to become involved in short-term, quick-payout deals, but you should avoid this at all costs. The money you're bringing in now should be warehoused for a rainy day rather than thrown into get rich quick schemes. If you simply must get involved in some sort of financial partnership or transaction now, make sure every single aspect of the deal has been thoroughly checked out first. A misstep now could really cost you in the long run.

You may find you're encountering disruptions and delays on the work front today. Don't run from the storm; simply weather it for the time being.

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