Horoscope for March 2012 for Gemini

Horoscope for March 2012 Gemini You may be feeling a bit confused this month, owing in part to all the retrograde activity happening in your chart now. When it comes to the actions of close friends, relatives and co-workers, you may be particularly confused. Everyone around you seems to be acting in incomprehensible ways and you're not sure why.

This is not the time to be rushing out to the electronics store to pick up the latest bit of technology. It's only natural to be hot for the latest iPod, iPad or tablet computer, but if you get one now, you'll find yourself in possession of a slightly obsolete piece of technology before you know it. Give it a few weeks and you may find you're able to get a better deal on the same device or even get a better deal on the new and improved model. If you wait, you'll be glad you did.

Partnerships with either a spouse or business association may become a bit strained at this time. You may find you have a tough time communicating your ideas and plans to him or her, and you'll have even more trouble bringing that person around to your way of thinking should a disagreement ensue. The fault may be yours. It is possible you're running into a potentially disastrous situation without considering all the ramifications. Your partner sees the pitfalls that you are missing now. You would do well to take a back seat, at least temporarily, and let someone else drive the bus for a while.

As things slow down this month, as they likely will due to all the retrograde activity, you may find yourself using the time to reflect upon your past failures and successes and the circumstances which made them so. Don't feel overwhelmed by any past failures, but rather use that information to assure you do not fail in the same way in the future. There is much to be gained from our past errors, provided we can examine them openly and in a non-judgmental manner.

Family problems may well move to the front of your conscious this month. You will likely be called upon to settle some sort of emotional trauma between two or more family members. This could turn out to be a real quagmire for you if you do not keep a fair-minded attitude. Don't allow your feelings for one individual to color your judgments now. Go at the situation in a positive, non-argumentative way and you'll be able to make the best peace possible.

Your career is taking off like a rocket ship now and this trend will likely continue through the second week of the month, after which you may find things slowing down just a bit. Those higher up the corporate ladder are taking notice of your efforts and plan to reward you accordingly. Don't brag, but don't hesitate to take credit where credit is due.

If you find yourself on a trip of any sort this month, you could also find you're traveling with love on your mind. A chance encounter could turn into something extraordinary.

Be careful this month. You're likely to be somewhat accident prone. This is particularly true if you're traveling or in unfamiliar circumstances or locales.

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