Horoscope for February 2012

Horoscope for February 2012 February 2012 focus on important projects and endeavors. Determine if family and friends are important or if it is more important to settle on your career. All are important. It is up to you which one you feel has more priority. On the 1st of February the burning question is how to ask for advice from a good friend. You are in a leadership position in your career and your coworkers are coming to you with problems they cannot seem to solve. Determine who you are: a mentor or a psychologist.

Your aura is somewhat mysterious but on the 10th of February you will find your friends and coworkers think you are just opinionated and strong-willed; translated stubborn! You are a stubborn person and you need to turn this trait into a positive. By the 20th of February when Venus moves into your house of relationships, take the time to talk to your family, your love, and your friends. Let them know that you are not difficult, just determined.

Think outside the box during the month of February. You do not want to be considered as a conformist no matter what sign you are. There is a visionary just wanting to break out and be mystic and understanding. Try something new on the 15th of February. Take the 14th as a day to be secretive in love, but don’t try and be someone you are not.

Your approach to money matters on the 10th and 11th are very progressive. You think about how to save more, where to cut expenses and how to start a money making businesses. Talk to an attorney on the 19th to discuss how you can start a business. You want your family to be secure for the future and your own business may be the only way.

On the 1st, 2nd and 3rd of February start tuning up your health. There is danger in the air and it can lead to colds, flu, or even more difficult ailments. Eat well and exercise. Join a gym. The joining fees are still very low since it is early in the year. Don’t despair if you are too tired to move on the 4th. You have worked hard and the holiday blues are still working overtime.

Want to be puzzling and elusive to those around you? Try a new meditation session on the 8th. Look at a new music patterns. This might just help you with balance issues.

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