Horoscope for February 2012 for Aquarius

Horoscope for February 2012 Aquarius Aquarius Valentine’s Day on the 14th of February will be highly successful for you. The planets align in their respective signs to ensure that everything will go smoother in work and relationships today. Emotional hang-ups seem to melt away and all is light and warm.

Leave the job behind when you go home tonight. Jupiter in Cancer sends out the knowledge that you do not have to continually be working at something just to feed and clothe your family. Take care of job responsibilities before you go home from work tonight.

A great deal of activity in your bank account from the 1st to the 5th. The new moon this month inspires you to look at how you deal with money and issues. You are at the beginning of a power struggle between you, your love and your family. You will also argue and fight over possessions for no reason than to argue. Take your financial plans and go to a professional account or finance expert. Learn to follow their advice. Wake up to a totally new attitude on the 28th.

Rumblings of anger in your circle of friends. Disputes may just tear apart your long held relationships. Perhaps around the 2nd 8th or 16th you might want to get everyone together and discuss the issues. Don’t take sides. On the 11th you will finally realize that friendships are more important than petty differences.

Take the challenge on the 7th and 15th Capricorn. Stay out of the way on the 16th and don’t rock the boat at work. You may find yourself drowning if you cause waves. Ask for help if you need it on the 22nd. Avoid straining your back by employing a helper.

Challenging days for you Capricorn are the 7th and 11th. You are so exhausted by the 16th that you cannot even raise your head from their pillow. Remember that you can take care of things by using a bell, paper and pencil. On the 25th you are very tired and want to just go home. The challenge is staying awake and at work.

Don’t take arguments and challenges too hard Capricorn. You will be very happy with things on the 10th and issues just seem to melt away on the 12th. The 17th is a wonderful day to find those February crafts and the 24th is the day to go shopping with our friends. Find great bargains on the 28th and be thankful you have enough money in the checking account to pay for them.

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