Horoscope for December 2012

Horoscope for December 2012 As December 2012 opens as the ending month of the year and it is important to know what influences your personality, the times, days and planetary movements. Look to the Sun to give ego and willpower and the Moon to provide subconscious self and habits. Mercury is the communicator and the intellect and Venus is emotion and love plus artistry and creativity. Look to Mars for assertiveness and anger and Jupiter to be a philosopher and highly generous. Saturn is the discipline of our lives and gives focus and responsibility. Uranus defines the individual and Neptune is the compassion of the human spirit. Pluto brings healing and regeneration.

Entering December is the time when we realize intense feelings of family and tradition while at the same time regret and sorrow about what we have left undone. It is always good, however to draw into those things that make us comfortable about being at home and close to family. December is the ultimate family month where harsh and tight emotions need to be removed from our minds and kindness and good works need to be a part of everyday living.

Watch that you do not push beyond the boundaries of manners and good sense in December and ensure that the abundance you have all around you can be shared with those who have less. Learn to wed intensity with kindness to avoid losing sensitivity this month. This is the month of unconditional love; of forgiveness and finding solutions to your problems. This is the time to be ultimately aware of the suffering around you and to put your arms around those who are having emotional troubles and economic hard times.

How awesome to think of sugar plum fairies while you take care of your families and your health. Find a way to do fun activities with those you love; keep your bodies healthy by using this time to do winter sports, keep warm by the fire, and eat healthy! Give gifts generously, but give of your time. Be creative and make special gifts for loved ones. One of the most valuable gifts you can give is of yourself. Do this by buying a journal and writing down your thoughts, your life and your experiences. Give it to your children and grandchildren so they can remember you when you are gone. This is one of the most valuable gifts they will ever have; and it is something to cherish. A written journal also has the added bonus of making you immortal.

December is the month to find your inner child. Remember happy times past and make this month a sentimental, emotional trip. Traditions are December. If you don't have traditions now, start making them.

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