Horoscope for December 2012 for Scorpio

Horoscope for December 2012 Scorpio Scorpio December is the month that your personal faith and ethics will be challenged. You find yourself confused and easily distracted this month and those who preach of doom and gloom seem to invade your waking thoughts. Is this because of earthly predictions? If so, calm down and remember that not everything is as it seems and the future is always changing.

You will almost make decisions this month that will impact your future career in many different ways. On December 2nd you will find that income will be emphasized and you will seek for material security. Do try and find another job since the career you have picked out for yourself is somewhat restraining. Of, if you love your career find ways to make it more independent. December 4th is a day for money management and on December 7th you need to find a way to touch your inner child and reinvigorate your spirituality. Sidestep a confrontation with relationship partners and friends on December 17th and work hard to reach your yearend goals on the 21st of December. This is also the Winter Solstice and this alone will make you rather antsy to get work done.

On the 3rd of December you will have the opportunity to practice what you preach. Watch for the 10th through the 14th to be a time of adventure and trying new things. You will also find that working toward goals is a bit harder this month but with perseverance you can begin to work your way out of problems.

On the 21st you do need to listen to your heart and move your attention from the future to the present. Take care of your partner and family and listen to your desires. You may need to review events of the recent past to clear up any mistakes you have made.

On th3 24th through the 28th of December be aware when discussing practical issues and on December 24th you need to be communicative. You will have delicious dreams on the 24th and 25th and you will find that the Christmas season is a great season to find yourself again.

Super days are December 29th through the 31st and you will have the opportunity to forget about your future and what's going to happen next and dwell on the present. You may find yourself in a power struggle with someone you love; be flexible; it's not good to battle.

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