Horoscope for December 2012 for Aquarius

Horoscope for December 2012 Aquarius What is the month of December Aquarius? December is a month of communication, social networking, and being physically with friends and family. You could say that communication is your legacy this month. You will also find yourself entering a period of joy and happiness during this December and it is suggested that you enjoy every minute of it! You will feel inspired to cultivate friends and family and possibility join a volunteer group. On December 7th you will have the opportunity to discuss your ideas with others and your new found feeling of communication will help you through the beginning embarrassing pauses.

On December 12th you will have a positive grip on your goals and ambitions and this may also include a romantic encounter. Give your communication skills a try and talk to someone new who may become a part of your circle of friends. On the 21st of December or the Winter Solstice you may wonder who you are, where you came from, and where you are going. You may need to find your spiritual side to determine those answers. As the month progresses to the 24th of December those answer just may be found!

On the 6th and 7th of December you will feel like being highly creative. You will want to make things, say things and do things that are so out of the normal. That's fun but it does have the potential of making you feel cloudy and confused. This is a time when you may cause a miscommunication problem with those around you. On the 10th of December you will find that you just can't do anything wrong. Socially you are being fulfilled, career is going great, and home life is the "bomb." Cherish this day and keep it in your heart to take out when things aren't so great.

December 14th through the 17th you will need to listen to what others say. You have hit a wall and those who love and work with you are resisting your every move. What you say is not what they want to hear and you don't want to listen to them. What a conundrum! On the 16th and17th address someone who is being particularly rude and challenging to you; finish all job tasks; take a walk in the moonlight; and sleep well.

Christmas Day or December 25 will give you an opportunity to sit and think or just to vegetate on the couch. You may also feel like mixing things up and inventing new traditions that you would like to see implemented in our family. Make sure, however, that everyone agrees with the changes.

You super days are December 29th and 31st and these are days you need to implement changes in your life and become more dynamic. You may need to think about what counts and how you are going to change in order to make it work. Remember that important decisions you make these last few days of December will give you satisfaction but also lead you to somewhere you may not want to go. Don't be hasty and do ask for advice.

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