Horoscope for December 2012 for Taurus

Horoscope for December 2012 Taurus Taurus December is the month of the Winter Solstice season. This is the season of light and faith. You will need faith this month to continue wooing a second love and being sure about what is happening. Apollo challenges you to learn the message "know thyself" and "be true to thyself." Follow your own plodding path Taurus and find the way you need to learn and grow. Life is not static and this month of December is no exception.

You may find that this is a month of good news; the chances of this good news are exponentially increased during December. This will be a positive of close relationships both business and personal and you will find yourself in tune with just about everyone. This same alignment of Jupiter in Cancer could trigger a chance encounter that does change your life for the better.

December could bring to you Taurus a psychological and spiritual change that will be vital to your future happiness. Do not try to control the flow of events and information but focus on improving your inner self.

December 2nd through the 4th you need to explore unfamiliar territory and do try out a new hobby. Report back on your adventure and know that you can do anything you put your mind to.

You super days are December 10th through the 12th and you again are feeling the need for something new and different. On December 0th you may have an opportunity to travel to an exotic destination. If you find that you cannot actually take a trip to some foreign place, try reading about ravel and watching the Travel Channel. Working with a friend on December 12th will be a win-win situation and all collaborations will turn out to be in your behalf. You may have to keep working toward your goals with they finally come to completion on May 24, 2013.

Keep spreading your wings Taurus until 2013 when all your plans will come to pass. Your travel adventures will again heat up and you will find the funds and time to take an adventurous trip. Don't delay! If you don't at least plan for this trip during 2013 you will feel much unfulfilled.

December 21st through the 29th will be a hard time to curb your negativity. You had a very difficult past two years but you need to remember you brought them all on yourself. You gave up a very fulfilling life with someone and you will pay the price your entire life. I hope you are prepared Taurus. You may want to spur on a confrontation between you and someone from you past; you have tried this before and all it brought was heartache. Try to keep things in perspective and remember that there are others out three who an east you soul. There is not only one soul mate for you in this lifetime; you let go of the best, but you can win the consolidation prize.

This could be a highly successful relationship month, Taurus. New partnerships and old friendships are put on the line and on December 2nd you have seeds planted that will bring connections back into your life. On December 4th you will have the opportunity to expand your social circles and this is an excellent time for teaching and maybe selling. On the 12th of December you will need to balance your home life and your professional career. You may find a sensible decision to a long term problem.

Around the 7th of December you see the contrast between your own needs and those of others in your family. Friends might need some help during this time so be prepared to spend the day in service. You may consistency be moody this month but do give yourself permission to change according to your moods. As the Sun's enters Capricorn you may find that the Winter Solstice on December 21st will demand an accounting of you and your relationships. You may need to release your high rigid feelings and examine your partnership expectations.

December 6th through the 7th you could find yourself sharing information that is inaccurate and you will believe someone else's fantasy. They will promise more than they can and this will put you in a bad spot. It is ok to look for unconventional ideas, but do study them before acting on them.

Around the 10th of December you will have intellectual pursuits that will very inspiring and original. This will help you overcome an impasse in your life. Be patient with those who are conservative and may require more time to make decisions.

December 15th and 16th is a perfect time to renew your social skills. You will be elegant and graceful and highly thankful to those who support you.

December 26th through the 27th you will be so awesome that relationships and people around you will be in wonderment. You will see that everything has a bright side.

You super days, Gemini are the 29th through the 31st of December. You may reach a breaking point with someone and you do need to be careful what you say. You may want freedom, but it will be elusive this month. Do take time off to reinvigorate a partner and don't let emotions explode. Pressure in your life continues to build until the 31st when a heated discussion will bring everything to a head. Focus on the facts to make a positive change in your life.

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