Horoscope for January 2013

Horoscope for January 2013 In the middle of the eighteenth century it was decided that every year begin with January 1. Aries was placed at the beginning of the zodiac due to the spring equinox and thus began the rotation of the planets and the approximate dates when the sun appears in the constellation.

January represents change. Begin with the ground and work your way up to the head. Change is inevitable and the first month of the year is the month of change, resolutions, and forward thinking. The first step to change is personally examining your career goals and individual life ambitions. This journey will be the result of interrelated events change can also grow out of dissatisfaction or desire for a complete overhaul. You change may be the loss of income through a layoff or it may be change through additions to your family or it may be a change of heart in how you treat those around you. Change a little at a time so not to disturb the balance in your life.

Tense times between Uranus and Pluto will continue on in January 2013. The financial foundations of the world will continue to be shaky and just as in 1932-94 economic depressions and hardship will continue to be a topic of conversation and angst amount all the signs. People will start to become highly creative to bring funds into their families and provide a measure of security. This will bring about change into lives that will be very good.

Medically advances are still happening and the flu virus vaccinations will help keep your health at a high level. With that being said, get your flu vaccinations. You will be able to do more this January due to high energy and the absence of low grade illnesses.

Relationships generally remain status quo in January due to the changing year, the beginning of career projects and the realignment of lives with planets and sun signs. As Uranus pushes Aries to actually change the status quo there will be a significant recognition in technology and medical advances that can help health and body awareness be more focused. January is the time when gym memberships are high and resolutions to be healthier are actually kept!

Relationship issues generally remain stagnant as couples and families strive to get back into the flow of jobs, schools, and careers. Try not to take anything for granted; January can be a cold month and will return nothing unless you work for it.

Often business will assess work forces, financial aspirations and job performance. You may find that January brings you a nice raise to augment your Christmas bonus. You may discover that nothing is going to change. Just be happy you have a job! Remember, too, that January can mean a new beginning - perhaps if you intuition is riding high you might want to brush up on your resume and begin putting out "feelers" for different and exciting new careers.

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