Horoscope for January 2013 for Libra

Horoscope for January 2013 Libra January is here and this is not the month to complain and feel sorry for you. This is a month of new beginnings and you need to go with the changes and newness Libra. Organize your life to give of yourself to others freely and take time out to walk the edge of the precipice once in a while. You are a natural peacemaker Libra and you can remain cool on the outside even when seething on the inside.

The best thing you can do the 1st of January, Libra is to take care of home and family matters. You need to be more displaced and patient and to work with family and friends in accomplishing goals. On the 8th of January you will be reminded that love and gratitude does not come easily and you must work at your social skills inside your own family. On January 11th the New Moon in Capricorn will inspire you to choose higher goals and recognitions that will take you higher up the social and business ladder. Try out new ideas on the 19th and open your heart for a new relationship that may seem a bit odd to you. You will find that differences create excitement.

January 6th will be the perfect time for you to face hard facts, Libra and learn to heal old wounds. If you keep these wounds open they will fester and become bigger than they should. On the 7th of January Saturn influences you to look into your background and find the answers to questions that have been troubling you for many years. This can lead to a great healing.

January 10th through the 12th is a wakeup call for you, Libra. You are highly emotional and you are on the brink of tears most of this time period. The Mercury-Neptune semi-square is highly influential in your life right now. Just be aware and try not to let criticism and angry words cause you to act irrationally.

January 16th and 17th provides you with a reinforced ability to cash into personal resources and fulfill your deepest needs. You may need to put aside family issues to take care of what you need. Sometimes this is what is needed. It does go against your grain Libra, but you will be better off if you take time out for yourself.

On January 22nd self-sacrifice and illusion can prove costly. You will realize however toward the end of the 22nd that Mercury and Jupiter help to clear away confusion and enrich relationships.

January 25th though the end of the month finds you swinging between pessimism and optimism. Keep your own thoughts and don't let other people force you into a situation you do not want. Let those pessimistic thoughts flow out of your mind and find your usually optimistic nature.

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