Horoscope for January 2013 for Sagittarius

Horoscope for January 2013 Sagittarius Sagittarius the theme for January 2013 is establishing a good pace of productivity and keeping your goals always in front of your mind. This may not be exciting, but the tangible rewards are well worth the sacrifice.

You want to travel, have adventures and pass out big projects, ideas and statements. Great Sagittarius but there is material concerns that are heavy this month. On January 9th you will have rewards that help you realize that your persistence, patience, and careful working toward goals and plans will pay out.

Use the energy the Capricorn New Moon sends down to you to apply a clear knowledge of what you need to do to finish projects and goals. You always look at the big picture but today you will need to look, at the small details. This is ok as you move through January 11th. If you find that you cannot abide this career, find a way to learn new tools and trades to change to something different. Do it now before the year advances much further. On January 91th you may find that interesting ideas and individuals enter your life. The travel bug will bite you and you will want to run to the airport. However, you will need to let Jupiter rule your heart and your plans will be delayed for a bit.

January 4th and 5th are days that you will need to move physically and mentally with high energy. You have high enthusiasm which may motivate you to overreach your abilities. Your lack of support or resources may constrain your energy and efforts. It is impossible to narrow your focus as Mercury misaligns with Jupiter on the 5th. Try to do serious research before venturing into any project that is unfamiliar.

January 11th will bring unnecessary distractions. You will find it good to consider alternative paths, but you do need to choose one path and stay to it. If you find that you are continually explaining your projects to everyone, stop explaining and just work. They will figure it out eventually.

January 14th means a separation of work and pleasure. Minor things grow out of proportion and mountains are made out of molehills. Trying to charm someone into your way of thinking is more about entertainment and flirting rather than business and work. Try not to enter into discussions that will lead you nowhere.

January 22nd will give you a chance to speak with skill and intelligence today. Mercury's aspect and inventive Uranus as well as philosophic Jupiter fill you with energy and wit. Take advantage and make sure you speech is well thought out.

On the 25thof January you have high power of persuasion and you may have those who previously criticized you come over to your side. Your mood could turn bad if your expectations are disappointing. If you carefully measure your goals and needs you ill gain a great return on your desires.

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