Horoscope for January 2013 for Scorpio

Horoscope for January 2013 Scorpio Scorpio the diversity of people you meet will bring interest and excitement to your life during the month of January. Letting go of an old partnerships or relationships may be painful, but it is necessary to start the New Year out right. Try to untangle knots of mistrust and work toward trusting people more.

There is something important for your to say in January Scorpio but make sure you don't just burst out with crazy sounding statements. Make sure you are clear and focusing on the right subject. January 6th and Pluto moving with Saturn helps you to focus your thoughts on practical matters and gives definition to your meanings. You will be able to discuss rationally all subjects that are near and dear to your heart and you will do it unemotionally. You may want to wander away on January 8th, but you will need to stay put to finish your projects and monthly goals.

During the days of January 4th through the 7th you will have the support of your friends and family when your plans are not smoothly executed and there is high resistance to your efforts. You always stand up for what right and on January 6th you will need to make sure your stand is in accordance with the proper authorities. Work diligently to achieve your goals on January 6th and 7th and don't give up too soon.

January 10th through the 12th you can solve all your problems with the right information and the proper communications. You will find that your house of learning is invaded by Venus and Neptune which makes everything seem very real. Make sure your facts are straight and consider the consequences of acting on your desires. On the 11th of January you will have Capricorn New Moon cautioning you to be restrained and intelligent in your words.

The power of love invades your life on January 16th and 17th Scorpio. There are times when you feel so strong you can't keep your emotions in check and Venus and Pluto are hooking up to create a volcanic feeling in your soul. This will rock your emotions to the core. On the 17th you will be able, however to control immediate gratification by thinking through your emotions and communicating with your partner.

The end of January is the time when you need to know that your actions speak louder than words. It is difficult to say exactly what you mean, but as you speak do be aware that your words may fall on deaf ears. Keep your priorities straight, act on them and discuss the outcome with your coworkers. You will be able to finish all projects and tasks that were assigned to you this month Scorpio.

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