Horoscope for January 2013 for Capricorn

Horoscope for January 2013 Capricorn At the beginning of the New Year, Capricorn try not to accomplish too much too fast, but format a methodical work style. This will highly improve your chances of success and give you tools to fall back on. You are ready for anything, but your optimism can fade as obstacles pile up and impede your progress. With a willful Sun, Mercury and Pluto all in your hardworking sign you will be prepared to meet and defeat all challenges.

You core beliefs may clash with those of your coworkers on January 7th and the wall of resistance will be high. The hard edges of your working life are softened, however when Venus enters Capricorn and your house of self. The Capricorn New Moon on January 11th will be your true astrological New Year's Day and will help restore you to a new confidence and balance.

Money matters and self-worth on January 19th occupy your mind. You will be more certain of what you can do this year on January 22nd and 25th as Mercury and the Sun form a supportive team. You will have high financial difficulties this month, and do be aware that shortcuts will not solve the problem.

January 3rd and 4th teaches you that you need to be flexible. You will have original ideas that can bring you into line with coworkers; however your brusque manner will provoke an argument. You will waste time and energy trying to prove that you are right and know what you are talking about. You will have a positive outcome, however when Mars blends with Jupiter and provides you with a healthy self-esteem. On the 6th through the 7th of January you will talk to someone at work and these words cannot be returned. You will find that when you speak without listening or thinking you can get yourself into trouble. You will find the need to expose secrets that are not yours to give and gossip will lend its ear to your voice. You will run into trouble on January 7th if you persist in speaking before thinking.

January 16th through the 19th gives you a sense of magnetism when Venus joins Pluto in your house of personality. Your lust for life can help revitalize a relationship but it can also create problems stemming from possessiveness or jealously. Your sense of social responsibility will rescue you from your personal desires. You will want to work as a team with a relationship partner and then you will turn away and go back to your career.

On the 22nd through the 25th your mind is buzzing with new ideas and you have a hard time approaching serious issues with good judgment. Your sense of humor seems to disappear when you try to be witty and no one understands what you are saying. On January 25th Mercury will square with Saturn and you will want to control fears and confront your inner feelings. You should be able to overcome concerns and your work opportunities will open up.

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Horoscope for January 2013