Horoscope for January 2012

Horoscope for January 2012 Home and family will move to the forefront in January with many signs becoming deeply involved in domestic matters and things having to do with the children, spouses and significant others. Also, you're likely to find much of your time is taken up with minor home repair and renovation projects such as redecorating, putting in new carpeting or wallpaper or other, even smaller jobs. You could find that performing these sorts of domestic duties provides exactly the type of outlet you've been needing for your creative energies. Don't listen to the naysayers who tell you you don't have the abilities required to get the job done well; your improvements are as much for the spirit as they are for the domicile and in that regard, there's much to be gained from this sort of activity. Don't hesitate, however, to seek the advice and guidance of experts whenever possible. An older, wiser head can provide a wealth of information to help you get the job done better and faster.

Don't be too caught up with the idea of getting the job done in a hurry, however, or you could wind up seeing poor results at the end of the day. It's far better to take your time, pay attention to detail and get things done in an expedient but thorough manner. If you do, you'll be far happier with the results, as will be those close to you. Also, by doing things yourself you can rest assured that the job will be done to your satisfaction and in precisely the manner you want it to be.

From an intellectual standpoint, January could be somewhat less than productive. It's not that you'll be feeling particularly dull, but there's a good chance this won't be a month filled with bright, shining moments of intellectual enlightenment either. In fact, you'll probably do best if you simply accept the fact that you're going to spend much of your time simply plodding through mundane tasks and clearing the decks for more exciting activities to come in the months ahead.

This is probably also a good month to rebuild previously burned bridges. If you have done someone wrong or committed some minor infringement that has caused you feelings of guilt or shame over the years, you may find an opportunity now to atone for the act. If you do, you'll find a whole new avenue of good will opening up for you on many different levels. There is much to be gained now from doing the right thing. Don't hesitate to make a phone call, email or simply drop by the home of the person you've offended and make your apologies. You'll find him or her especially receptive to your supplications.

When it comes to personal relationships, January is going to be a great month. There is romance filling the air and there's a very good chance that you may find a relationship which has been "just friends" for a long time suddenly blossoms into something more. In fact, this relationship could potentially become one that fills you life with joy for many, many years to come. Tread carefully during courtship, however, as misunderstandings could become real problems later on in the relationship.

For those already in a solid romance, now is a good time to keep the fires of love burning brightly. Do whatever you can to keep the romance in your relationship. Though you may be feeling comfortable, it is possible to be a little too comfortable and take things for granted. This simply won't do if you're planning to make this person the love of your life and grow old together.

The most successful days: 2, 7, 18, 21, 23

Stressful days: 6, 12, 19, 26

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