Horoscope for January 2012 for Virgo

Horoscope for January 2012 Virgo You could find yourself having second thoughts about the direction in which your life is currently headed this month, especially during the first two weeks. You could well discover that the things you have been wanting for so long are not really worth all the work after all. There are, you may find, more important things in life than the small goals you've set for yourself in the past. As you delve deeper into the inner person, you may find you're limited by your own lack of knowledge about certain aspects of human development, but this will not be a deterrent to you. Instead, you'll be drawn towards books and classes on psychology, physiology and other aspects of behavioral science. These will open even more doors for you and subsequently you may discover you're more willing than you thought to consider some truly life-altering changes to your daily routine. Be aware, however, that it's a bad idea at this time to make snap judgments and determinations. Any decisions, especially important ones, should be well thought out with an eye toward how they will affect not only you, but those you care for.

This level of patience may prove a bit difficult for you at this time, due in part to the fact that the ideas and notions you're having at least seem to be of a particularly lucid variety. Everything seems to be coming together for you at once, and it may be hard to not act on that. Instead, consider putting your ideas on hold, contemplate their ramifications a bit longer and then- and only then- take the leap and share them with others. Going off half-cocked will only make you look indecisive.

If you're afraid of losing some of the good ideas you're having this month, and then by all means write them down. Make notes on your innermost thoughts and then you can revisit them later, when you have more information about the "small print" details. You don't want to stop the flow of creative ideas by doggedly trying to deconstruct each thought passing through your transom. Best to let them surge through now, then go back to them when the waters calm a bit. Despite all this mental energy, you're surprisingly closed minded to the ideas of others at the moment. Try to remain open to the ideas other have, as well as your own opinions.

You are able to think logically this month, though you're by no means at the top of your game. Your clear thinking, however, could work to your advantage when it comes to any sort of business or investment deal you're considering. This is particularly true during the last part of the month. When coming up with the answers to important questions, consider not only recent history, but also the past. What were the techniques employed by some of the world's great thinkers, inventors, discoverers? What philosophies did they espouse which you might be able to put into practice in your daily life? Answering questions like these will be child's play for you this month, so take advantage of the situation to better your own life.

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